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SSR Case- Allegations Against Akshay Kumar Were Based On Content Posted By Others; YouTuber Asks Actor To Withdraw 500 Cr Defamation Notice Against Him

Nitish Kashyap
21 Nov 2020 6:12 AM GMT
SSR Case- Allegations Against Akshay Kumar Were Based On Content Posted By Others; YouTuber Asks Actor To Withdraw 500 Cr Defamation Notice Against Him
Askhay Kumar, Image Courtesy : The Week

Rizwan Siddique, the 25-year-old YouTuber who was served a defamation notice of Rs.500 crore by actor Akshay Kumar for posting content making allegations relating Kumar to the Sushant Singh Rajput death case has replied to the same denying all allegations, asking the actor to withdraw the said notice stating that it is based on a flawed premise.

The YouTuber has defended himself and averred that much of the content posted on his channel that was against Akshay Kumar in relation to the Sushant Singh case was already in public domain and posted by other channels on YouTube.

The reply filed by Advocate JP Jayswal on behalf of Siddique, states-

"Before publishing the content on the website, the internet was flooded with similar content qua your client in the public domain. My client has taken leads from these websites and has published the videos on the channel, believing the statements to be true.

My client has a detailed list of websites running similar content which was much before my client published the alleged content online.

All the content of mentioning your client was already in public domain and publishing similar content on the channel will not amount to defamation as alleged by your client."

Thereafter, the reply also mentions that apart from news channels, several "independent reporters" started reporting on the Sushant Singh case. The reply states-

"The allegations made against my client are denied. All the above information/content provided by my client was entirely based on rumours and sources which are also mentioned by my client in the videos uploaded by him on the channel."

Moreover, referring to other content creators who used to regularly post updates regarding the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Siddique says-

"Pertinently, many of these videos were deleted by individual creators when FIRs were registered against people.

Also, by addressing this notice, your client has made it clear that my client has specifically nit-picked to saddle the blame of the alleged defamation."

The reply further states-

"Your client has faced severe backlash after interviewing an influential politician whereby thousands of people have made personal remarks against your client on various YouTube videos and websites. Surprisingly, your client has not taken any action on the same; however, he has selectively chosen my client to saddle the blame of defamation."

Finally, Siddique has sought the notice to be withdrawn stating that it was based on a flawed premise and threatened Kumar with further legal action-

"Your client's claim of Rs.500 crores is nothing but a publicity gimmick and the claim of such an amount without any proof clearly establishes as it is an arm-twisting tactic adopted by your client to stop my client to further publish new content.

The damages of Rs.500 crores are absurd and are unwarranted and are made with intent to pressurize my client."

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