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Artificial Intelligence Enters Litigation, World's First 'Robot Lawyer' To Advise Defendants In US

10 Jan 2023 7:30 AM GMT
Artificial Intelligence Enters Litigation, Worlds First Robot Lawyer To Advise Defendants In US

Artificial intelligence is set to enter litigation. World's first 'robot lawyer', powered by artificial intelligence, will give legal advice to defendants in the United States of America in two cases related to overspeeding.

US-based startup DoNotPay, which bills itself as "the world's first robot lawyer," will instruct the defendants in two speeding ticket cases in court next month. The AI, which runs on smartphone, after listeing to court proceedings, will give instructions to the defendants on how to respond through an earpiece.

As reported in New Scientist, DoNotPay’s plan is to have the defendants wear an earpiece with Bluetooth connectivity in the courtroom, likely an AirPod or hearing device, with the AI whispering instructions on what to say in the defendants' ears.

The location or defendant's name is yet to be disclosed.

"The law is almost like code and language combined, so it's the perfect use case for AI," CEO and founder Joshua Browder told USA TODAY. "I think that this is the biggest potential for GPT and large language model technology."

Yesterday, Browder tweeted in response to a prohibition imposed by the US Supreme Court against use of electronic devices in court while the session is in progress.

"DoNotPay will pay any lawyer or person $1,000,000 with an upcoming case in front of the United States Supreme Court to wear AirPods and let our robot lawyer argue the case by repeating exactly what it says", he tweeted.

"We have upcoming cases in municipal (traffic) court next month. But the haters will say “traffic court is too simple for GPT. So we are making this serious offer, contingent on us coming to a formal agreement and all rules being followed", he added.

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