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Lack Of Infrastructure, Non-Allotment Of Chambers: Shahdara Bar Association Asks Lawyers To Abstain From Work On Friday

Nupur Thapliyal
25 Jan 2023 12:09 PM GMT
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Shahdara Bar Association has unanimously resolved to abstain from work on Friday over the alleged lack of infrastructure and non-allotment of chambers at the Karkardooma Court Complex.

“…it is unanimously resolved that there shall be a complete suspension of work till the above referred problems are not resolved. All members are requested to abstain from work on 27/01/2023 and members of the bar shall be informed of further decision,” reads the notice issued today.

It further requests the judicial officers of Karkardooma Courts to co-operate and not pass any adverse order in view of the unanimous decision.

The notice states that despite several written and oral requests made to the Judge Incharge for providing sufficient space and staff for “preparation and delivery of certified copies” to the advocates, the same has not been done till date. As per the bar association, this is causing great hardships to the members in getting certified copies.

The notice further highlights the issue of lack of facilities and “ecosystem in courtrooms”, adding that nothing has been done despite written request made by the executive committee from time to time.

“It is further noticed that the Judicial officers are ... appointing the LC's and Receivers who are not practicing in Karkardooma Court Complex and the members of the Bar are being avoided by not being appointed LC's & Receivers,” the notice states.

The bar association is also aggrieved by lack of steps taken on the request for calling a meeting of chamber allotment committee, due to which those “who deserve to get the chamber allotted to them are being deprived.”

“It is also informed to the members of the bar that the lawyers are also facing problem in getting the evidence recording in their cases, as there is a partition between the space where the stenographers used to operate and the dias where the lawyers argue their cases and neither they can hear the witness and the public prosecutors properly. Even the Judges are unable to hear the arguing counsels properly,” the notice reads further.

It also states that while chairs are being provided for witnesses and public prosecutors in the courtrooms, lawyers keep on standing. As per the association, it is “very undignified for lawyers being officer of the court.”

“It is further informed that the PWD staff officers are completely negligent towards the maintenance of the lawyers chamber blocks in regard to providing facilities of electricity, civil & horticulture,” the notice states.

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