NLU-O: Indefinite Student Protest Called-Off


28 July 2019 1:07 PM GMT

  • NLU-O: Indefinite Student Protest Called-Off
    NLUO students protesting

    As the college administration conceded to all its demands, the Student Body of National Law University of Odisha called off the protest, four days after it first began. All the assurances were made in the presence of the Advocate General of Odisha who mediated the issues between the student body and administration.

    With regards to the most pressing issue of the protest pertaining to the construction of Girls Hostel II and library, Rs. 25 crores have been released, the administration submitted. The committee overlooking the construction and development shall consist of at least 1 member each from the Student Council and the Student Body. Keeping in mind the immediate requirements, two additional rooms have been allotted for the library as an interim measure.

    Further, a committee has been constituted to frame the draft policy on placements, examination reforms and faculty evaluation. The administration has also assured the students to take immediate steps towards availability of 24*7 on-campus medical assistance. The issue relating to hostel-in timing has also been resolved by extending the deadline till 1:00 am.

    The Student Body was also granted liberty to make representations to the Advocate General in case of any further issues.

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