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Online Fraud: High Court Directs Delhi Police To Investigate Fraudulent Domain Names Being Registered Under Marks Of Well Known Brands

Nupur Thapliyal
23 July 2022 7:30 AM GMT
Online Fraud: High Court Directs Delhi Police To Investigate Fraudulent Domain Names Being Registered Under Marks Of Well Known Brands

The Delhi High Court has recently sought a status report from the city Police regarding investigation in cases wherein fraudulent domain names are being registered under the marks of well-known and established business houses and brands.

Justice Pratibha M Singh noted that the said domain names were being used for hosting fraudulent websites with details of bank accounts under the garb of offering jobs, dealerships, franchisees, lucky draws, and various other illegal activities.

The Court directed that for a proper coordination in obtaining data relating to various bank accounts and other details of the persons, who opened the fraudulent bank accounts for collecting the money from the customers, and directed that the Cyber Crime Unit will be free to approach National Payments Corporation of India, as also, the concerned banks.

The Court noted further that a total number of 27 cases were pending before various benches of High Court dealing with IPR cases. Accordingly, the Court ordered thus:

"Subject to the orders of Hon'ble the Judge-in-Charge (Original Side), all the above matters be listed before the same Bench, as the investigation needs to be consolidated and comprehensive directions may be required to be issued to the police authorities, cyber cells, the various banks, National Payment Corporation of India, RBI, MHA etc."

The Court was dealing with a suit filed by Fashnear Technologies Private Limited seeking to restrain Meesho Online Shopping Private Limited from unauthorizedly using its trademarks or copyright to defraud and dupe unsuspecting and gullible members of the general public under its name.

The Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant through various means was approaching customers and informing them they had won a lottery prize.

The Court had previously sought a status report from the Delhi Police which showed that a detailed investigation was already underway and there were similar matters where fake accounts have been created in the names of well- known business houses.

As per the said status report, a Special Investigation Team had been constituted collectively in respect of four similar suits, by the Cyber Crime Unit, Delhi Police, which is referred to as Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations.

"The Cyber Crime Unit, Special Cell, Delhi shall continue the investigation in these matters. Let a further status report be submitted in respect of the said investigation, on the next date of hearing," the Court said.

The matter will now be heard on August 3.


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