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Senior Advocate Designation 2020: Gujarat High Court Invites Suggestions/Views On The Names Of 35 Applicants [Read Notice]

Sparsh Upadhyay
31 Oct 2020 7:01 AM GMT
Senior Advocate Designation 2020: Gujarat High Court Invites Suggestions/Views On The Names Of 35 Applicants [Read Notice]

The Gujarat High Court on Wednesday (28th October) issued a notification informing that 35 Applications sent by the Advocates, seeking designation as Senior Advocate have been received by it.

List of Advocates who have applied for Designation of Senior Advocate for the year 2020:-

1. Advocate Rajul Krishnachandra Patel

2. Advocate Megha Bhupendra Jani

3. Advocate Devang Girish Vyas

4. Advocate Jayant Madhurlal Panchal

5. Advocate Sangeeta N. Pahwa

6. Advocate Janak Vasudev Japee

7. Advocate Devendra Genaji Chauhan

8. Advocate Aspi M. Kapadia

9. Advocate Unmesh Dhruvkumar Shukla

10. Advocate Hriday Buch

11. Advocate Apurva Sharad Vakil

12. Advocate Chandresh Vin

13. Advocate Mitul Kirit Shelat

14. Advocate Sudhir Mahendrasingh Mehta

15. Advocate Dakshesh B. Mehta

16. Advocate Maheshkumar Natvarlal Bhavsar

17. Advocate Dharmishta N. Raval

18. Advocate Suman Khare

19. Advocate Ajay Rajnikant Mehta

20. Advocate Nandish Yogeshbhai Chudagar

21. Advocate Mohmed Tahir Hakim

22. Advocate Pankaj Shantilat Champaneri

23. Advocate Darashan (Darshan) Parikh

24. Advocate Zubin Bharda

25. Advocate Sonal Devang Vyas

26. Advocate Mehul Krishnakant Vakharia

27. Advocate Mehul Sharad Shah

28. Advocate Vijay Harishchandra Patel

29. Advocate Amar Niranjan Bhatt

30. Advocate Amit Vireshkumar Thakkar

31. Advocate Nimish Mahendra Kapadia

32. Advocate Ram Nandan Singh

33. Advocate Gopinath M. Amin

34. Advocate Harmahesh Dharmsukhrai Vasawada

35. Advocate Chandrakumar Govindramji Sharma

Further, the Court has invited the written suggestions/views of other stakeholders as per Rule 15 of "High Court of Gujarat-Designation of Senior Advocates Rules 2018" with regard to the abovementioned names.

The Suggestions or views have to be submitted in pdf format at [email protected] on or before 24th November, 2020.

The Suggestions/Views shall bear the name and full address of the Sender and shall be addressed to "Secretary, Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates, High Court of Gujarat, Ahmedabad".

Anonymous Petitions/Representations/Views will not be entertained, the Notifications further clarifies.

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