Nirma University Holds 3 Certificate Courses on Themes of Globalisation

aasavri Rai

20 Nov 2017 7:53 AM GMT

  • Nirma University Holds 3 Certificate Courses on Themes of Globalisation

    The Institute of Law, Nirma University, in order to make its students aware of the new international legal reality, recently conducted three certificate courses.

    The first certificate course was conducted from November 6 to 10 on the topic ‘Business in Germany: Regulatory and Legal Framework’. This course was conducted by Prof Dietmar Boernar, HoF University Germany. Another certificate course was organized from November 10 to 17 on the theme ‘Changing Dynamics of Constitutionalism in China’.  This course was organized by Prof Jason Buhi, Peking University China. A third certificate course on ‘Emerging Trends in Global Constitutionalism'  was held by Justice Mohan Peiris, former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, from November 13 to 17.

    The objectives of the courses were to present an overview of the regulatory and legal business framework, contemporary developments in the field of constitutional law inclusive of constitutionalism, to expound the understanding of the emerging issues, to bring out the philosophical and historical rootings of its fundamental features, to embark on a comparative analysis, and consider the effectiveness of the rule of law in contemporary times. The courses would develop greater insights and would help the students explore the reality of legal globalization and suggest ways in which the emerging multinational and multicultural legal order could be made more just and effective.

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