NLU Delhi’s International Conference on Transparency & Accountability in Justice Administration System: Challenges and Solutions

Aishwarya Dhakarey

9 March 2016 1:21 AM GMT

  • NLU Delhi’s International Conference on Transparency & Accountability in Justice Administration System: Challenges and Solutions

    About the Conference

    Realizing the need for ensuring transparency and accountability in the functioning of the Justice administration System across the globe so that the objective of socio-economic development of people can be achieved, Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance, National Law University Delhi in association with the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is organizing an international conference on 15th September, 2016.

    Subthemes of the Conference

     The Conference shall provide a platform, to promote transparency and accountability in the operations of the Justice Administration System including Bar and Bench, to various stakeholders and soldiers of transparency and accountability in the governance of Justice Administration System. This Conference would deliberate on the following sub-themes affecting access to speedy, effective and economical justice in the Justice Administration System:

    1. Corruption in the Judiciary
    2. Accountability and Transparency in Governance of the Judiciary
    3. Speedy Access to Justice and Accountability of Accountability of Bar and Bench
    4. Economical Access to Justice and Accountability of Bar and Bench
    5. Personal Accountability of Judicial officers and Judges involved in corruption
    6. Declaration of Assets’ by Judges and Judicial Officers and transparency in Judiciary
    7. Conflicts of Interests and Contempt proceedings 8. Conflict of Interests and Kith and Kin of Judges practicing in the same Courts
    8. Transparency and Accountability in the Appointment of Judges and Judicial Officers
    9. Impeachment/Removal of Judges and serious misconducts of Judges
    10. Control over the quality of and commitments of Legal Practitioners/professionals by the Bar Council of India
    11. Accountability of the legal practitioners in case of professional misconducts
    12. Accountability of legal practitioners/professionals for professional services under the Consumer Protection Law
    13. Competency and Commitments of the Legal aid Counsels and the fate of the beneficiaries of Legal aid services at various levels such as Districts, High Courts and The Supreme Court.
    14. Dilution of Right to information Law and the Judiciary
    15. Judicial Independence and Accountability and transparency in the Judiciary
    16. Amplitude of Professional Ethics in the operations of Judges, Judicial Officers, and legal practitioners’/professionals
    17. Conflict of Interests and post- retirement appointments
    18. Per Incuriam Judgments and Personal Accountability of Judges
    19. Abuse of powers, immunities and privileges and quality of legal services at the Bar and Bench
    20. Access to Justice and Responsibility of three pillars of governance
    21. Judicial Appointment Commission or Judicial Lokpal: Transparency and accountability in appointments and other issues related to service matters of Judges
    22. Technicality in processes and Mechanical approach by Judicial Officers and Judges and access to justice
    23. Violation of the Doctrine of Separation of powers and Accountability of the Judiciary
    24. Any other topic related to the main theme

    Important Dates

    Abstract Submission: 25 August 2016

    Approved Abstract notification: 31 August 2016 Submission of Complete Paper & registration: 15 September 2016

    Research paper may be submitted to the Convener of the conference at Articles received after the stipulated deadline will not be entertained for participation in the conference.

    Participation Fee Teachers/legal practioners/other professionals: Rs. 1,000 Students: Rs. 5, 00

     No registration charges for the paper presenters, members of Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, India; Transparency International, India; Association for Democratic Reforms, India; and NCPRI, New Delhi.

    Registration for witnessing the proceedings can be submitted at any time on or before 17 Sept 2016. Certificate for actual participation shall be issued after completion of the events or will be mailed after completion of the conference. No certificate shall be issued in absentia and there shall be no refund of registration charges at any stage.

    For Any Clarification please contact

     ICTAJAS-2016 Conference Organizing Committee Dr. Jeet Singh Mann, Conference Convener National Law University, Delhi, Sector 14 Dwarka New Delhi 10078, India +91-11-28034992;

    Fax No. 011-28034254

    Email ID:

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