NLUO Cuttack First Day Report: Google start-up weekend

Simran Sahni

25 March 2017 11:34 AM GMT

  • NLUO Cuttack First Day Report: Google start-up weekend
    NLUO Cuttack is hosting a first for any NLU, Google start-up weekend on its campus which started yesterday. The event is an initiative of NLUO's Law and Entrepreneurship cell, LexTech. Sponsored by Google, the event dubbed the Google start-up weekend, will be used to select a team whose start-up will be incubated from scratch. A panel of judges –which includes K.C. Mishra (E-Kutir) among others – will select the best two teams from close to 40 participants of lawyers and non-lawyers from all over India.

    Mr. Satheesh Menon, who is a faculty from NLUD is attending NLUO Startup Weekend, Cuttack as an observer who is working on IPR for Startups in NLUD as a departmental project.  He commented, “The objective of Lextech is to cultivate a rare breed of entrepreneurs by incubating, accelerating, mentoring and funding innovative start-ups, thereby creating a transformational learning environment for motivating, preparing and assisting entrepreneurial leaders and scholars to turn knowledge into action in pursuing innovative solutions to the most pressing problems of the globe. The event which is all about "Law, Entrepreneurship & Innovation" promises to be a huge success by virtue of Google being its title sponsor, Uber and SCC online, being others. We are posing for a grand stage for successful Startup founders and businessmen in the economy.”​​

    The Vice Chancellor in the Inaugural Session stated, “There is increase in giving importance to the start-ups this is an era where we needs to stop the conventional thinking of 10-04 job, one should break the boundaries of conventional thinking and move towards proactive thinking. Don’t look for a job create a job, increase proactive thinking.”

    After VC Sir our keynote speaker Ashwini Rath came on the dice to share his view about the start-ups and the entrepreneurship:
    You should be either ultra-optimist or ultra-pessimist. You need to remember three aspects in mind:

    • Data is very important.

    • Keep everything in a written form.

    • Think global when you are doing something.

    Then he talked about TLC Bhubaneswar which supports start-ups.”

    After him Amlaan Patnaik took the stage, who is the facilitator of the startup weekend in India and abroad. He facilitates the whole event and takes part as volunteer. He talks about how the start-up weekend starts: it’s a 54 hour weekend starts from Friday. Startup weekend provides you a place to express your ideas.

    “B-series funding gives you fund and platform to start your idea that also includes angel investors that is somebody who gives you money, then A-series funding when you get a crowd and raise a fund in millions.”

    In this start-up weekend you are going to pitch idea, vote for good ideas and form teams and for that you have to focus only on minimal valuable product that one critical aspect that you have to create which is a value and can be used. Just think about one thing which is good enough to people to use your product.

    After this the pitching of ideas starts of which some examples are:

    • Dizilaw is the idea in which you will get the best lawyer, it is the one portal to get to solve all issues from an experienced lawyer.

    • Brijbhanu: Legalghats; provides consultancy services and help in accessing services from lawyers.

    • Harshvardhan: Last walk, there are many event organizers but no one organizes the funeral ceremonies, they are going to organize all the funeral rites and ceremonies.

    • Siddesh: Providing organic food easily; aimed to create a network for developing food products and sell them on retail basis.

    21 ideas were presented and after voting top 6 got selected to make a team. They now need minimum 5 members in their team to go to the next round.
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