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NLUs Popularity Index: Biggest Gainers NUSRL & CNLU, Biggest losers NUALS & NLU-O, NLIU bounces back and GNLU continues to grow

Many times it has been seen that whenever a ranking of Indian law schools is published, it has become controversial. This is why I say that cut offs decided by the CLAT takers provides us with the best ranking of law schools. Although this is a popularity ranking, the popularity among CLAT takers is what the best known reality is.

One may complain that CLAT takers may not be well informed or they merely follow the list given in CLAT website. But whose fault is it? Should not CLAT provide more data on their website to educate the aspirants? Why are they hesitant to market themselves? Further, why not CLAT does something to popularise law as a career? This can ensure that better talent is attracted towards this career. There is a huge mass which is unaware of law as a good career option.

CLAT takers ranking is most authentic and effective. No one can deny this, because these cut offs decide the quality of students getting in.

Read the table given below to get this year’s popular choice of the CLAT takers.

NLUs Popularity Index

NLU Popularity Index

Observations and Analysis

  • Top 3 NLUs have been able to retain their position. Although no improvement is shown. Rather NUJS has slightly gone down (might be because of Bhopal going up).
  • NLIU Bhopal which had lost the 3rd spot to NUJS by 2009 and was under severe threat from NLU Jodhpur has bounced back.
  • GNLU Gandhinagar continues to gain for three times in a row.
  • NUSRL Ranchi, CNLU Patna, NLUJA Guwahati and RMLNLU Lucknow gain, where Ranchi and Patna have grown comparatively popular with a huge margin. This may be an indicator that Law as a career is getting more popular in these states. After top 6 NLUs, aspirants tend to fill up preference list according to preferred location.
  • NUALS Kochi’s heavy downfall is shocking. This has happened even after the number of seats has been decreased.
  • NLU-O’s decrease in popularity index is also quite surprising. 

Rajneesh Singh is National Product Head for several courses at IMS learning resources including CLAT, CSAT, Bank exam, BBA, CA-CPT. He has experience of more than 13 Years in training students for various entrance tests. He has been running most successful online forums like RSM. He has also authored a book on CSAT for Cengage/Thompson Publications.

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  • anshul says:

    sir which is better nlu ranchi asaam or maharastra

  • Moneshaa says:

    Sir, I have to choose between NLU- Jodhpur and NUJS.
    Facility wise NLUJ is better.

    Standard wise, I’ve heard that they’re similar.
    Which should I go with?

  • Dan says:

    Jai Jai CLat guru.

  • mayank says:

    The criteria of determination of the ranking , is quite unfair. The rating looks for cut-off ranks for under-grads and not for post- grads. Also the cut-off ranks can not be only criteria of determining the same. One should consider the overall progress while deciding so.

  • Shantanu Gupta says:

    One fact is that in this table, the cut-off for NLIU, Bhopal is low because of very low General Seats and a high State Domicile strength. These factors should be accounted for.

  • Srinarayana G says:

    NLSIU won the Jessups this year..the placements this season at Nalsar were good. NLU o i guess is doing a good job and we the ppl from Nlsiu reaaly feel they are going good..dnt knw how CNLu has reached this stage..I am amused at the comparison..NLIU getting such mileage surprises me….

  • Rajesh Kurup says:

    NLU Orrisa’s rating is heavily misunderstood and not made on any sound reasoning. It is the fastest growing law school as noted my Madhava Menon in a recent study. the student of this campus have been participating regularly in all international forums..even the stetsons moot prelims shall be conducted in this campus. to say that banglore dint do well or dint improve is too immature…they have always improved with results and academics year after year as well as NUJS..nalsar does at times reports faculty issues but students are doing good…I do not agree to this…check the rank list of clat and you know it that rmnlu which says gains is actually really suffering due to the massive entry of studets on quotas..even a 9000 ranker gets inside easily..real poor analysis..Mr Singh is prejudiced in his judgment of NLSIU,NALSAR NUJS and NLUO…

  • Nishanth says:

    I tell you out of personal experience Mr Singh, after the top 5 colleges, most students don’t really make an informed choice in their preference lists. For example, someone might not like the name Chanakya National Law University, and put it last in their preference list, having no clue about how good or bad the college is. Someone else might not stand the idea of going to college in Odisha, irrespective of how well the college is doing. The point I’m trying to make here is, ranking colleges on the basis of the preferences given by aspirants will be far from being accurate and can hardly portray how well a college is doing.

  • Arun says:

    Even though the analysis seems to showcase the trend of preferences it cannot be considered as an authority to compare the university because at the time of applying for clat the students does not know much about these universities and preferences are made vaguely.Other than the top five colleges others would given a random preference by most of the students.