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No Longer Have That Physical Energy But Couldn’t Keep Quiet Seeing What The Karnataka Governor Has Done: Jethmalani To SC

The supreme court must set the law right.This Governor has acted in a manner in which a Governor should not”, Jethmalani said

The three-judge bench of the Supreme Court hearing a petition filed by the Congress-JD(S) combine in Karnataka against the decision of Governor Vajubhai Vala to invite BJP’s B S Yeddyurappa to form the government was categorical that they will not allow any intervenors but agreed to listen to legendary lawyer Ram Jethmalani who wanted to “say something he felt strongly about”.

After seeking a nod to submit his views in the matter, he told the bench of justices A K Sikri S, A Bobde and Ashok Bhushan: “The governor’s order is a gross abuse of the constitutional power and this has brought disrepute to the constitutional office he has been holding,”

 ‘What has BJP said to Governor that he did such a stupid action? Order of Governor is open invitation to do corruption”, he said.

“I no longer have the physical energy but the intellectual energy keeps me going. I am not for any party in the case but for myself. The supreme court must set the law right.This governor has acted in a manner in which a Governor should not”, he said.

Justice Sikri assured Jethmalani that the bench would keep in mind all that he said while deciding the larger issue whether the Governor’s action was legally valid or not.

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  • John F Fernandes. says:

    In Jetmalani case, both the prayers in his petitions are not granted;i.e: to recall the Order of Governor or dismiss the Yedurappa Government. In fact what has been granted by the SC is the prayer of Yedurappa before the Governor to grant him 48 hours. As 24 hours has already been lapsed, the remaining 24 hours of 48 hours has been granted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court to prove the test on the floor of the House.

  • V.T.Sipahimalani Adv. says:

    Jethmalani’s ego is not permitting him to stay silent n peaceful. The moment he finds an opportunity he asserts rightly r wrongly n makes his presence felt. He never produced any written instructions from kejrewal to defame mr. Jetly during cross examination n kejrewal affirmed to say that he never instructed him so. Yet jetly files second defamation proceedings only against kejrewal though legally speaking he was not laible n it was mr.jethmalani alone .

  • V.S.Patil says:

    It is surprising that formation a so called Alliance that never existed before the election was forged merely for the sake of grabbing the power is escaping the attention of the eminent Lawyer Ram Jethmalani. That the parties which fought like cats and dogs during election are hugging each other is not only a blot on the society but also a grave injustice and breach of trust that the people had in either of these two parties. People voted for them as independent parties and not as alliance partners and as such it is their solemn duty towards the people to remain so after the election and accept and honour the peoples verdict with humility. Post-election alliance can only be called an opportunistic move not approved by the people. Let them seek the mandate for their alliance afresh. Peoples will and decision is supreme and superior to that of any other person/s or parties and even I would say the decision of the Supreme Court.

  • elix says:

    Thank God at least someone said the right thing…

  • Mallikarjun says:

    I hope mr. Ram jetmalani talks truth in every case of his. He means to say that elected representatives are corrupt and are for money and bribes? Why these MLAs are keeping quite? If I were an elected representative, I would have put defamation case against him and the others for talking bad about MLAs or MPs

  • Tholkapiyan says:

    We respect senior advacate Thiru. Ram Jethmalani and his arguments reflects majorities view of public who loves democracy

  • Satish Sampath says:

    The governors decision in all the cases have been in partisan and interpreted and exercised for the appeasement of the BJP, because the strings are in the hands of one and only one person.The respect to the constitutional law has denigrated largely The Honourable Supreme Court must take stringent actions to preserve and protect the Law of the Democracy in India.