NUSRL Ranchi Placement Statistics of Batch 2012-17

Simran Sahni

31 May 2017 8:42 AM GMT

  • NUSRL Ranchi Placement Statistics of Batch 2012-17
    The RCC of Batch 2017 of NUSRL; has been instrumental in facilitating recruitment, which includes on Campus placement drives, Pre-placement offers and online interviews which as of date is growing in numbers with each passing day.

    The said RCC consisted of Vikas Pandey (Convenor), Shivali, Nilotpal Shyam, Hemant Jain, Abhishek Kumar, Sneh Lata & Rimjhim Jamuar which worked under the able guidance of Mr. S.K. Sinha (Placement Officer) as well as support from Dr. M R S Murthy (Chairman, RCC) & Mr. Subir Kumar (Co-Chairman).

    To talk about the numbers, out of the 94 students currently studying in the present batch, 40 students had expressed their wish to be considered for the placement process. Total 29 offers have been received out of which 27 offers have been accepted, thus taking the placement record of Batch 2017 over 67%. The average remuneration with regard to the said offers is 5 lakhs and the highest that has gone is 10 Lakhs offered to two students by Wipro Ltd. Apart from this some students have either received an offer on their own or shall be pursuing higher education in India or abroad.

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