Recruitment Notification: Communications Associate At Project 39A, NLU Delhi

aasavri Rai

13 Sep 2018 7:47 AM GMT

  • Recruitment Notification: Communications Associate At Project 39A, NLU Delhi

    The National Law University, Delhi, through Project 39A, is seeking to engage on an annual contractual basis, one Communications-Associate for Project 39A. The Associate will be responsible for continuous monitoring and implementation of our communication strategy and media engagement.

    Project 39A is headed by the Executive Director, Dr. Anup Surendranath (Assistant Professor of Law, National Law University Delhi) and has 12 full-time associates involved in litigation, mitigation, research and public outreach. This position will directly report to the Director, Strategic Development and Partnerships of Project 39A (“Director”).


    • Development and implementation of a stakeholder communication plan on a monthly basis

    • Oversee that all communication plans are in line with the communication strategy

    • Coordinate with various departments in developing the monthly communication plan

    • Generate new ideas to make communication more effective

    • Maintain robust media engagement and develop collaborative mechanisms for increased visibility

    • Follow global non-profit communication trends

    • Responsible for content management of all social media channels (day-to-day management of all content forms including video, audio and photo formats)

    • Regular analysis and improvement of communication strategy

    • Supervise and estimate success of media campaigns and reporting to the management regularly.

    • Draft, edit and distribute texts such as website entries, reports, blogs, brochures etc.

    • Creation of in house infographic and development of other such public advocacy materials

    Qualifications and skills:

    • Minimum three years of experience in successful communication work including writing, website management and public relations.

    • Bachelors in Law or Humanities and/or Masters in Journalism and Communication

    • Familiarity with law and issues in the Indian criminal justice system

    • Previous experience of designing and implementing communication development strategies for organisations working on issues of criminal justice;

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

    • Strong relationship management skills with a range of stakeholders;

    • Experience communicating to external and internal audiences.

    • Excellent computer skills including proficiency with photoshop, indesign, basic video editing Basic knowledge of HTML

    Compensation: Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience and will be approximately between INR 50,000 - 55,000.

    Application Process: Interested persons may send their resumé and a brief statement outlining the contribution that they see themselves making to our work. The statement of purpose must not exceed 500 words. Please email your resumé and statement of purpose to The subject of the email should be “Project 39A - Application for Communication Associate”

    Deadline: Applications must reach us no later than midnight of September 18th, 2018. Applications received after midnight of September 18th will not be considered. Interviews may be held in person or through video conferencing.

    The official notification can be accessed here.

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