Recruitment Notification: Communications Director and Project Co-ordinator at CLPR

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10 Jan 2018 6:10 PM GMT

  • Recruitment Notification: Communications Director and Project Co-ordinator at CLPR

    The Centre for Law and Policy Research is a not-for-profit trust, based in Bengaluru, engaged with research into law, development of policy, advancing public interest in the constitution and the Supreme Court and in strategic impact litigation. CLPR has vacancies for the following posts:

    Communications Director (1 position)

    The Role: The Communications Director' role is crucial to creating awareness of the issues tackled by this project in the legal, academic and public domains. The mandate for this role is to set, guide and execute a comprehensive and cohesive strategy for creating the website, communications, and marketing collateral required for/by this project. Well-crafted proposals on how to create and utilize owned, paid and earned media and clearly defined metrics to regularly measure reach and engagement are the primary responsibilities of this role. Key to the public relations efforts around this project is the design, development, deployment and maintenance of a website. This portal shall be the principal gateway through which the output, changes and benefits generated by the project shall be communicated and as such it is vital that the content on this site be relevant, thought-provoking and up-to-date.

    During the course of the project, the teams involved will publish documents (study report, policy briefs, position papers, op-eds, articles, draft bill), conduct events (workshops, training sessions, university classes, consultations, interviews, press conferences, seminars, etc), arrange one-on-one and group meetings (with legislators, MPs, leaders in the area of social change, heads of CSOs, academicians, judges, etc) and launch outreach programmes (classes at universities, setup groups within the legal profession to continue support for the disenfranchised communities, create networks among CSOs to enable self-supporting and informed grass roots movements). The Communications Director shall work with the teams, Project Director, and Operations Director to frame the messages, provide design input for the collateral, and define and execute the communication plans that are to be used before, during and after these interaction points. In addition, key goals and target metrics to measure the success of these efforts shall have to be defined, tracked and recorded.

    Skills, Experience and Qualities:

    • An individual who is motivated to work with a non-profit organisation that is affecting social change through research, education, legislation, litigation and direct intervention.

    • Position is located in Bengaluru. Should be willing to relocate (if required).

    • Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications preferred. Applicants with degrees in other subjects but with relevant experience shall also be considered.

    • At least 2 years of experience developing and executing communication campaigns for projects with a diverse target audience required. Experience at a non-profit organisation and/or legal firm preferred.

    • Experience working with a range of internal teams (lawyers, researchers, finance, operations) and with vendors (design, website development, printers) is a plus.

    • Ability to direct creation of targeted messages to individuals and small groups, broader missives to larger groups, and general communication collateral like newsletters, articles for the website, etc. is required.

    • Should be an expert at defining, deploying and measuring the impact of multi-phase social media campaigns that target phase-specific audience but maintain overall project message.

    • Should be skilled at expanding reach over online and offline channels. In particular should be accomplished with increasing exposure through print media, project website, academic publications, compatible digital sites and social media.

    • Should have experience scheduling, organizing and conducting public relations related events like press conferences, panel discussions and interviews as well as promoting other events like conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.

    • Experience developing content, editing third-party generated content, and identifying distribution channels for audio/video communication vehicles such as podcasts and video blogs is desirable.

    Project Co-ordinator (4 positions)

    The Role: One of the integral roles in the project is that of the Project Co-ordinator, who will work closely with the Project Director and Operations Director and be responsible for conducting on-the-ground research on the discrimination faced by people and communities. Both secondary research (reviewing published studies) and primary research (through surveys and one-on-one interviews) shall be conducted. The coordinator shall be responsible for the development, design and distribution of a survey as well as identifying and working with the recipients of the survey.

    Besides the surveys, the coordinator shall organise and conduct one-on-one interviews with experts, organisers and leaders in the field and write reports. The coordinator will also be engaged in research, writing policy briefs, drafting legislation, interacting with government officials, NGOs and community organisations, lawyers and the judiciary. The Co-ordinator will also be expected to organise and conduct workshops with these various groups.

    Skills, Experience and Qualities:

    • Self-motivated individual with a deep interest in addressing social change through research and legislation. Should be able to work with minimal supervision.

    • A Master’s degree in the humanities from a reputed university. A law degree is preferred.

    • Should have at least 2-3 years of prior experience in working on issues of caste, gender, gender identity or disability discrimination

    • Must be fluent in at least one of the following languages: Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu, Tamil.

    • This position is based in Bengaluru and requires travelling for 75% of the week. Should be willing to relocate to Bengaluru (if required).

    • Should have strong inter-personal and communication skills and be able to quickly establish working relationships with disenfranchised individuals and communities, lawyers and legal firms, government officials and departments (legislators, members of parliament, judges) and non-governmental organizations.

    • Strong written skills required including the ability to write policy briefs and research reports. Experience designing surveys is a plus.

    • Should possess the analytical skills to analyse qualitative and quantitative content and develop recommendations connected with the objectives of the project.

    • Experience in working with organisations involved with grass-roots social change would be preferred.

    • Experience in organising events – consultations, seminars, conferences, press briefings, class lectures – is highly desirable.

    If interested in the positions listed above, please email your CV, cover letter and 2 references to by 21st January 2018. Please put the role that you are applying for in the subject line of the email. For more information about the role or the organisation, reach out to

    Please visit their website to learn more information about the organisation and the work they do.For more information on their ongoing projects, visit CADIndia and SCObserver websites.

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