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SC Designates 25 Former HC Chief Justices And Judges As Senior Advocates

The Supreme Court has designated 25 former Chief Justices and judges of High Courts as Senior Advocates.

As per a communication issued by Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Additional Registrar and Secretary of the Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates, Supreme Court judges in a Full Court meeting held on September 6 designated them as Senior Advocates.

The Apex Court had last month on the administrative aside finally issued guidelines to regulate conferment of the designation of Senior Advocates, in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court in October last year on Senior Advocate Indira Jaising’s petition.

The guidelines called the “Supreme Court Guidelines to Regulate Conferment of Designation of Senior Advocates, 2018”, empower a permanent committee called “Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates” to deal with all the matters relating to such conferment.

The Secretariat has been tasked with inviting applications from retired Chief Justices or judges of the High Courts, and Advocates seeking conferment of the distinction every year in the months of January and July.

While there exists an elaborate scrutiny mechanism for advocates before final consideration by the Full Court, the guidelines had clarified that the cases of retired Chief Justices and judges of the High Courts will straightaway be sent to the Full Court for its consideration.

Read the Notification Here


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  • mohan kumar.k says:

    It Will make things more intrinsic as the goal of th law will not be accessible to the poor innocent if they don’t have money power and endurance.More over at a time when we are clamouring for some of the inherited power of the H C should be given to the session court to make justice more simple and accessible to the poor.

  • Brij Mohan Mishra says:

    What is view on using similarly to the retired Supreme Court judges ?
    Is there any possibility to use such highly senior judges, selected litigants and management professionals to form a superintending body where all the cases be filed directly. Then after mapping the cases, a guide line would be passed under which those cases to be dealt further. Cases may also be attempted to be even settled there to radically speed up the works and reduce the pendencies.

    This an innovative suggestion to reform the judiciary without any political or external interference.

    This is not going to be passed as law by the Parliament but is an internal innovative reform of the judiciary which it has to see day to day .