The School of Law, Pondicherry University: LLM Programme based on Choice Based Credit System

Simran Sahni

3 May 2016 2:19 PM GMT

  • The School of Law, Pondicherry University: LLM Programme based on Choice Based Credit System

    The School of Law, Pondicherry University (A Central University established by an Act of Parliament No. 53 of 1985) focuses on quality teaching and research in law through the On-Campus One year Master of Law (LLM) programme commenced from the 2014 – 2015 academic year.

    At present, courses relating to three specializations viz. Corporate and Securities Laws, Intellectual Property Laws and International Commercial Laws are offered on Choice Based Credit System subject to availability of faculty.

    The University has introduced the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from the academic year 1992-93 onwards. Under this system the students have a good deal of freedom in designing their own curriculum to suit their needs. The students have provision to take any course offered in any department as long as they fulfill the prerequisites for that course, have the consent of the concerned course instructor and the student’s faculty advisor. The students can also take as many courses as they can handle subject to a maximum of 30 credits in any semester. Each course is associated with a credit value and this accrues to the student when he/ she successfully complete the course.

    The minimum credits required for the award of degree in various PG Programs are given which includes the LLM Programme which requires a Total (Min:43, Max:46) credits required for award of the degree.

    The courses offered under a Program of Study are designated as Hard Core and Soft Core.

     A course designated as Hard Core for a particular Program of Study must invariably be completed by the student to receive the degree in that program. The Hard Core Course cannot be substituted by any other course. The Soft Core courses are to be chosen from a list of courses marked as Soft Core courses for a particular programme and any course offered by other Departments as Soft Core course.

    In the event of failure in a Soft Core course the student can substitute the Soft Core course by an equivalent course, in the subsequent semester by filling the prescribed columns in the course Registration card and getting the approval of the Faculty Advisor.

    If a student finds that he/she has registered for more courses than possible to study in a semester, he/she can drop one or more of courses before the end of 3rd week of the semester.


    School of Law, 2nd Floor DDE Building,

    Pondicherry University, R.V. Nagar, Kalapet, Puducherry-605 014


     Phone No: (+91) (0)413-2654910/11

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