SpicyIP announces Annual Fellowship 2015-16

Sukriti Singh

8 Dec 2014 5:32 AM GMT

  • SpicyIP announces Annual Fellowship 2015-16

    SpicyIP, India’s premier blog, founded in 2005 by Prof. Shamnad Basheer on intellectual property (IP) and innovation law and policy. It has announced the 3rd edition of the SpicyIP Annual Fellowship – for the year 2015-16.The fellowship carries a stipend of Rs 15,000/-. All the fellows from the year before have been asked to stay back as staff.


    • Anybody is welcome to apply.
    • To be considered for the Fellowship, each applicant must submit at least 3 guest posts within the period from 8th December, 2014 to 16th January, 2015.
    • These guest posts must pass our standard editorial check for the blog which include:
    • An upper word limit of 900 words per post.
    • Clarity of language
    • Strong analysis
    • Relevance of topic i.e. – relevance of the post to the Indian IP landscape, (even if not directly about an Indian development). If you’re not sure whether your topic will be suitable – you can check with me at swaraj.barooah@gmail.com
    • Posts on current events will be preferred but conceptual and purely analytical posts will be accepted too.
    • If a specific topic has already been covered on the blog, then the post will not be carried unless it brings in a new angle or overlooked aspect.

    How to apply?

    • Fellows will be chosen based on quality of guest posts submitted to us over a 6 week period from 8th December, 2014 to 16th January, 2014.
    • At least three guest posts per applicant need to be submitted in this 6 week period.
    • These guest posts are to be submitted to “contact@spicyip.com” with “fellowship” in the subject line. [Edit: There seems to be some problem with this id currently. Till we fix this, you can mail in your entries to swaraj.barooah@gmail.com if you are not able to get through to this id. Apologies for the inconvenience.]

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