Benefits Of Studying Medicine Abroad

9 Sep 2020 6:12 AM GMT
Benefits Of Studying Medicine Abroad

The field of medicine gives one of the best career options for Science students having an interest in biology and medicine. This makes medical courses very popular and one of the most attractive options for higher education. But the opportunities for good colleges are limited in a country like India. To get a good government college, one needs to score very high in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) which is conducted specifically for medical students for getting admission into the medical and dental colleges of the country. The fees of private medical colleges are very high and not easily affordable. And before deciding between paying such high fees and getting into private colleges, one should always think about abroad education which can provide far better facilities and opportunities than the Indian colleges. The University of Oxford Courses or the University of Toronto courses in medical science has earned global recognition for providing top quality education and research facilities. Let's try to look at the various benefits of choosing an abroad college or university to study medicine.

Open for Several Options:

There are many good colleges in countries like the U.S.A, United Kingdom, or Canada. The fact that seats in good Indian colleges for medical programs limit the number of options for a medical aspirant. But that is not the case if one opts for foreign education. Many students feel that they might not be successful in getting into world-class educational institutions due to the hard acceptance rate. But that is not true. International students are always given preference in such colleges and universities. However, the University of Toronto acceptance rate for getting into its top medical programs is quite low. Many other good international medical colleges are having a high acceptance rate.

No system of Capitation fees:

Due to less number of seats, many colleges and universities in India ask for capitation fees for getting admission which increases the burden on the parents. The foreign educational institutions never ask for any such extra fees. Although the fees of higher educational programs in medical science abroad can be high, there are some government schemes for getting financial aid. Scholarships are also offered by most of the colleges and universities for the meritorious students.

A Comprehensive Learning Environment:

The healthy and well-structured learning program in overseas education can be a dream for any medical student. The University of Toronto courses are famous all across the world due to its student-centered learning and one of the best clinical exposures to all the major areas of medicine. The presence of some of the world-renowned hospitals and care centre's in the vicinity of the college makes the learning environment healthier. Overseas education gives a chance to meet people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds. The personality development session helps a person to open up and learn about varied culture s. This directly helps in developing the overall personality of an individual which is a lacking factor in the colleges and universities of one's own country. One can also learn a new language apart from English which can be very beneficial. Studying abroad helps to build a strong CV as international degrees always have a high value. Securing a good job also becomes a lot easier after learning some of the latest techniques and doing extensive research from a reputed organization. There will be options to apply for jobs in a foreign land that can be very high paying than the native job opportunities.

All the above points prove that choosing a foreign medical college or university can be a very beneficial and rewarding decision. But a candidate should always be well aware of the criteria of different well-known foreign colleges. The University of Toronto acceptance rate for getting admission in medicine courses is 8.3%. Also, one should apply for a large number of colleges so that many options are available to get selected.

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