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Live Law began its journey in 2013 with the mission of making legal reporting more accurate, transparent and accessible to common man. It is our firm belief that more information about judiciary will make it more transparent and accountable, thereby strengthening its role in a constitutional democracy.

From the beginning, we have been engaging in independent, fact-based journalism without any fear or favors. However, the journey of Live Law has not been without struggles. An independent media faces threat of sustainability without a consistent income. While advertisements are a source of income, excessive reliance on advertisements could lead to compromises on editorial independence.

Good journalism incurs expenditure, especially when quality resources are employed. Each column of news that is brought to you incurs a cost. A truly independent and effective media is possible only if this cost is met by the readers who seek quality reporting and unbiased news. Here comes the relevance of public funded media.

Many prime newspapers like The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian etc. have turned to subscription based content for independent sustainability.

Live Law wished to bring to you free content as far as possible. But we have been struggling to sustain, compelling us to turn into an affordable subscription model.

We all know that justice delivery system in India faces many challenges such as infrastructure shortcomings, delays, maintenance of quality of judges and lawyers, continuing legal education etc. Further, an independent, accountable and transparent judiciary is essential for a vibrant meaningful democracy. The object of Live Law is to work towards bettering the system by constantly highlighting systemic issues. Therefore, we request our dear readers to support us in this endeavour and subscribe. Please open the link given below for more information on our subscription plans.