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Acquiescence, Delay And Laches Are Exceptions To Dismiss Claim Sought To Be Raised At Belated Stage: Punjab & Haryana High Court

Muslim Girl Over 15 Yrs Of Age Can Enter Into Marriage With Person Of Her Choice: Punjab & Haryana High Court

The Punjab And Haryana High Court last week granted protection to a Muslim Girl (16 Year Old) who married a Muslim boy (21 year old) while noting that she is of Marriageable Age under Muslim Personal L...

20 Jun 2022 7:27 AM GMT
Allahabad High Court, ‘Triple Talaq’ As ‘Khula Talaq’, Quashes Complaint

Supreme Court Refuses Urgent Listing For Plea Challenging Divorce Through Talaq-E-Hasan

The Supreme Court on Monday (May 9) refused to grant urgent listing for a plea challenging the practice of divorce through the Muslim personal law practice of Talaq-E-Hasan, as per which a man can...

10 May 2022 4:15 AM GMT