Talk by Aditya Sondhi in NALSAR University

Aishwarya Dhakarey

2 Oct 2016 1:33 PM GMT

  • Talk by Aditya Sondhi in NALSAR University

    Nyaya Forum for Courtroom Lawyering at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad is a students' initiative to further the purpose of establishing universities exclusively providing legal education in India. The Forum seeks to work in furtherance of the concern expressed by many as to how the void in the bar and the bench subsists even after the establishment of many National Law Universities across India.

    The Forum is aimed at the practical side of the law, and joining disjointed activities that take place on campus from academic courses to guest lectures to internships. This is with the purpose of providing leverage to the upcoming generation of budding lawyers currently in law schools in pursuing a career in litigation or lower judiciary immediately after graduation. The forum seeks to do this through the following means:

    1. Igniting interest in the students through hostingexperience-sharing sessions wherein the guest engaging or having been engaged in litigation or lower judiciary share their experience in the courtroom;

    2. Organising full-credit short-term elective courses on several aspects related to the practice of law by inviting lawyers and judges as guest faculty;

    3. Lubricating communication between the guest and students to build networks for career opportunities in litigation;

    4. Providing internship opportunities to students selected through a rigorous screening process with practicing lawyers and judges.

    The inaugural lecture, titled 'Confessions of an Accidental Lawyer' is slated to be delivered by Dr. Aditya Sondhi on 15th October, 2016 at NALSAR University of Law. Dr. Sondhi graduated from NLSIU Bangalore in 1998, and made a humble beginning into the world of litigation. His hard work paid dividends when he was designated a Senior Advocate at Karnataka High Court in 2014. He is among the first few NLS graduates to be designated as a Senior. He has recently been appointed as an Additional Advocate-General of Karnataka State. Apart from his courtroom avatar, he is also a Visiting Professor at his alma mater, NLS and teaches Constitutional Law, Company Law, Professional Ethics and Arbitration.


    Confessions Of An Accidental Lawyer

    A Talk by Dr. Aditya Sondhi

    Senior Advocate and Additional Advocate-General (State of Karnataka)

    High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore

    Visiting Faculty, NLSIU Bangalore

    Saturday, 15 October 2016, 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m

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