The 1st GNLU National Interlinking Conference on Access to Legal Services

Nikita Hora

29 Sep 2015 12:08 PM GMT

  • The 1st GNLU National Interlinking Conference on Access to Legal Services

    The Legal Services Committee, under the aegis of the GNLU Centre for Law and Society is organising 1st GNLU National Interlinking Conference “Access to Legal Services” to be held from October 03, 2015 to October 04, 2015.

    The aim of the conference is essentially to interlink all Legal Services Committees and Legal Aid Clinics from various National Law Schools and other prominent universities from across the country and bring them to a common platform. This commonplatform shall result in a common pool of resources and thus, enhance the functioning of the LSCs. Different successful LSCs from across the country shall share their views and methods to effectively tackle problems faced by the society at large. Thevarious plenary sessions of the Conference are designed so thatthe end result of the conference isn’t just an academic debate butpresentation of concrete models pertaining to these sessions.The conference in its finality shall look forward to successfulmodels being presented and deliberated upon so that eachparticipating centre can learn from each other’s endeavours. Theselected best models shall be presented before all participantsand shall conclude the conference. The conference shall result inthe creation of a database in the future that gives all the LSCsacross the country a platform to share and view the work theyhave undertaken.


    • Education

    The Indian Parliament in 2009 passed the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act as a landmark legislation. Section 12(1)(c) of the Act mandates reservation of a minimum of 25% of the seats at the entry level classes for children belonging to economically weaker sections (EWS) and disadvantaged groups in all private unaided schools, excluding minority institutions. Given the salience of such a provision and its potential to put millions of children in private schooling, deeper scrutiny is required to be done by Legal Services Committee of different universities on the nuances and the manner in which it is being implemented.

    • Child Rights and the Law

    This session will culminate with an interactive session following which the participants shall discuss solutions so as to work for the cause of Child Rights and identify ways in which all the LSCs from across the country can work together in this area using each others resources.

    • Special Session on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    This session shall try to develop the link where LSC can assist in the various activities taken as a part of CSR. This is an emerging area which is yet to be explored for the LSC activity. The scope of the agenda rests on the primary objective of the Interlinking Conference, i.e.. the interlinking of various LSCs so as to collectively work for the society and under CSR, to assist companies in carrying out various agendas and programs.

    • Women and the Law

    There are numerous legislations are present on women rights but violence against women is still a reality. The discussion shall focus on various women right violations and seeks to review present legislations, their effects and shortcomings and the working of various NGOs in this field. It also gives scope for a sociological perspective on improving current legislations and implementation techniques.

    • Drug Abuse and the Healthy Campus Campaign

    The menace of Drug and Substance Abuse is rampant in the country. As part of the Legal Fraternity, it is our duty to address this issue in entirety. This plenary session shall consists of directions from notable resource persons as to the essential problems and loopholes in the implementation of law with a special focus on the Healthy Campus Campaign which has been initiated by leading government agencies and aims to achieve a drug free campus.

    • LGBT Rights

    In a democratic country like India, it is essential that we recognize the rights of every community and adapt a holistic approach for the welfare and development of the society. For this very reason, this plenary session shall focus on equal rights for the LGBT Community and the LSCs’ contribution to the same.


    The Faculty Convener of the LSC and two student representatives can come, preferably the Student Convener and Student Co-Convener.

    • Registration –

    1. The registration fee is Rs. 1000/- team.
    2. Registration fees once paid shall not be returned under any condition.

    (c) Accommodation –

    Accommodation shall be on payment basis. The details are as follows:

    Non - AC Rooms - Rs. 500/day

    AC Single Occupancy Rooms - Rs. 1500/day*

    AC Double Occupancy Rooms - Rs. 2000/day*

    AC Suite - Rs. 2500/day*

    *Conditions Apply

    • Payment –

    The Payment has to be made in the form of a Demand Draft in the name of 'Gujarat National Law University' payable at 'Ahmedabad'. The DD can be mailed to us or directly submitted at the time of registration upon arrival at the University premises. The address to which the DD should be mailed is –

    To, Mr. SaurabhAnand,

    Faculty Convener, Legal Services Committee

    Gujarat National Law University,

    Attalika Avenue, Knowledge Corridor,

    Koba, Gandhinagar - 382007

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