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Breaking: Delhi Court Remands Umar Khalid To 10 Days Police Custody In Delhi Riots Case [Read Order]

14 Sep 2020 2:21 PM GMT
Breaking: Delhi Court Remands Umar Khalid To 10 Days Police Custody In Delhi Riots Case [Read Order]

A Delhi Court on Monday remanded JNU student Umar Khalid, who was arrested around 1 AM today, to ten days of custody of the Delhi police in relation to alleged conspiracy behind the Delhi riots.

The Delhi police sought 10 days of police custody to confront Umar Khalid with huge technical data of more than 40GB to unearth the "deep-rooted conspiracy behind Delhi riots". The police alleged that Khalid had hatched a conspiracy along with several groups to appeal to various Muslim minority groups to block the roads and public places in Delhi during the visit of President Donald Trump "so that a propaganda may be flashed at international forum that the Muslim minority community in India are being tortured". It was further alleged that consequent to the conspiracy, riots started in various parts of North East Delhi during February 23-25.

Appearing for Khalid before the Additional Sessions Court, Karkardooma, his lawyer Trideep Pais opposed the remand submitting that the police case was nothing but an "empty rhetoric".

Pais submitted that Khalid was always cooperating with the investigation and presented himself for interrogation whenever asked to. So, there was no flight risk. He was interrogated for five hours on July 31 and the whole day on September 13. Still, the counsel submitted, the police could not find anything incriminating against Khalid.

Pais further submitted that Khalid's speeches always appealed for peace and to uphold the Constitution. There was nothing objectionable in them.

"Being opposed to the CAA is not a crime", Pais submitted.

The lawyer further said that a frenzy was being created against Khalid.

Considering the arguments of both sides, Additional Sessions Judge, Amitabh Rawat ordered the remand, stating :

"Considering the nature of the case and the role of the accused Umar Khalid that has surfaced so far regarding the conspiracy and involvement in anti-CAA/NPR/NRC protest with the support of several radical groups/organization resulting in riots and the fact that the custodial interrogation has been sought of the accused Umar Khalid for confronting the huge technical data as well as material that has come during the investigations, I deem it fit that, for having an effective and proper investigation to allow the present application for seeking police custody remand of the accused Umar Khalid for ten days".

The Court ordered that he should be medically examined every 24 hours and that his lawyers, Trideep Pais, Sanya Kumar and Rakshanda Deka, should be permitted to confer with him for a period not exceeding half an hour at the beginning of the police custody and thereafter daily during the police custody remand at the venue to be communicated to the counsel.

Considering the apprehension to the safety of the life of Khalid, the Court ordered that whenever he is taken out of the office, the DCP should make proper arrangements for his safety and security.

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