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SC Releases Comprehensive User Guide For Effectuating Its Limited Physical Hearings

Sanya Talwar
12 Sep 2020 2:26 PM GMT
SC Releases Comprehensive User Guide For Effectuating Its Limited Physical Hearings

The Supreme Court of India has come up with an extensive and comprehensive guide for purposes of effectuating limited physical hearings in the top court amid Covid.

The step-by-step guide takes the user through processes fine-tuned for purposes of e-Nomination of Counsel, e-Nomination of Clerk, e-Application for Special Hearing passes and e-Submissions for self-declarations.

It begins with a "How To guide" to Login for purposes of e-nominating a counsel/clerk for attending a physical hearing and puts forth a clearly demarcated way to approach the website.

Similarly, the process for nominating of a counsel/ clerk for limited physical hearings is also stipulated:

"Enter AOR Code where (person) symbol is shown and Enter registered mobile number associated the entered AOR Code where (briefcase) symbol is used. For quick assistance field names are mentioned where data entry is required to be made. Once AOR Code and Registered mobile number associated with AOR code matches with the database maintained in the Supreme Court Registry, OTP will be sent on the registered mobile number of AOR," the guide reads.

Further, it is stated that "Once AOR successfully logs in, all the cases listed before the Court will be displayed on the screen. AOR has a choice to select date from the calendar and cases listed on the selected date will be displayed on the screen"

The guide states that on the official website of the Supreme Court one can easily find link named "Special Hearing Entry Pass". "Entry pass link permits use of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets besides use of regular desktop PCs. AOR, arguing counsel or Registered clerk may, therefore, use mobile devices to generate Special Hearing Entry Pass. Mobile devices are equipped with facility to take snaps through camera on selfie mode whereas, on desktop PCs image needs to be selected and uploaded".

For this purpose, the mode of viewing the webpage for the aforementioned purpose in PC Mode, mobile mode, tablet mode etc. is also stipulated.

After filling in the desired details on the system, the pass generated shall be available for ready use.

The guide states that any person or Advocate seeking to enter / visit the premises of the Supreme Court by generating Special Hearing Entry Pass, is mandatorily required to Sign in Self declaration form.

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