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Supreme Court Issues SoP For Physical Hearings [Read Notification]

31 Aug 2020 8:46 AM GMT
Supreme Court Issues SoP For Physical Hearings [Read Notification]

The Supreme Court has issued Standard Operating Procedure for hearing of matters through physical appearance.

Initially, physical hearing shall commence only in 3 Court-rooms and the same may be increased or reduced, as the situation may warrant.

Only A Handful Of SC Advocates Give Consent To Appear Physically In 1000 Cases Listed For Physical Hearing

Who can enter?

Only a limited number of Advocates/ parties in person shall be allowed to enter in the Courtroom at any given time and in cases where the number of parties is more, then one AOR and one Arguing Counsel per party will be allowed entry.

How to enter?

Entry of counsels/parties or such other stakeholders to appear for such limited physical hearing will be through daily "Special hearing passes" which will be issued by the Registry, on the basis of authorization by the concerned Advocate on Record.

Entry into High Security Zone

Entry into the High Security Zone through proximity cards/long term passes shall be suspended and only Advocates/Parties-in-Person/Clerks or other stakeholders, who have been issued Special Hearing Passes shall enter the High Security Zone through the designated Gate, after subjecting themselves to the thermal scanning.

On entering the High Security Zone, Ld. Advocates/Parties-in-Person would proceed to the staging areas/vacant Court-rooms as may be designated, and wait for their turn to enter respective Court Rooms where physical hearing of their respective case(s) may be scheduled, and they would proceed only through the movement corridors created and demarcated for the purpose

On completion of hearing of their respective case, the Ld. Advocates/Parties-in-Person/Clerks, etc. shall move out of the High Security Zone through the movement corridor and exit from the designated gates

Persons having more than one case

Ld. Advocates/Parties-in-Person having more than one case for physical hearing in the Court Rooms shall be issued separate Special Hearing Pass for each case and after hearing of one case is complete, they may wait in the designated staging/waiting area(s) for the purpose for appearing for the next hearing(s).

Earlier this month, the 7-Judges Committee of the Supreme Court had recommended resumption of physical hearings in a limited manner.

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