‘AGAHI’ RGNUL’S 5th Annual Parliamentary Debate

Nikita Hora

8 Sep 2015 10:32 AM GMT

  • ‘AGAHI’ RGNUL’S 5th Annual Parliamentary Debate

    Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab is organizing its 5th Annual Parliamentary Debating Competition for a fine display of wit and repartee.


    25th to 27th September 2015


    Single Adj. – Rs. 1000 /

    Team – Rs. 3600 /-

    For Adj. subsidy, email your application and detailed CV to agahi@rgnul.ac.in


    Format of the Tournament 

    1. Each debating match will consist of two teams; one to propose the motion and one to oppose it. The team proposing may be known as ‘The Proposition’, ‘The Affirmative’ or ‘The Government’. The team opposing may be known as ‘The Opposition’ or ‘The Negative’. Teams will be designated as the Proposition or the Opposition for each round of the competition.
    2. Each debate shall be adjudicated upon by a panel comprising of an odd number of adjudicators. One of these shall be designated as Chairperson. In situations asper the discretion of the adjudication core (only in rounds before the ‘Break’), adebate may be adjudicated by a single experienced adjudicator.
    3. Each debate shall be timed by a timekeeper. In the absence of a timekeeper, a member of the adjudication panel will time the speeches.
    4. Teams will comprise the following members.


    1. Prime Minister, or First Affirmative.
    2. Deputy Prime Minister, or Second Affirmative.
    3. Government Whip, or Third Affirmative.


    1. Leader of the Opposition, or First Negative.
    2. Deputy Leader of the Opposition, or Second Negative.
    3. Opposition Whip, or Third Negative.

    Debaters will speak in the following order:

    1. Prime Minister
    2. Leader of Opposition
    3. Deputy Prime Minister
    4. Deputy Leader of Opposition
    5. Government Whip
    6. Opposition Whip
    7. Opposition reply
    8. Government reply

    1. Common minute will not be given within reply speeches.
    2. Speakers not ‘holding the floor’ may not rise during a speech unless it is to offer a‘Point of Information’ (see Part Five of this document). Speakers doing so, orconsidered to be heckling, barracking or whose behaviour is interfering with theacceptable course of a debate will be declared ‘out of order’ or will be ‘called toorder’ by the Chairperson.


    1. The motions for each round will reflect a specific and well-known theme, and each round of the competition will comprise of three choices of motions.
    2. On release of the motions, both teams will rank the motions on the basis of their preferences. The third option of both teams is immediately dropped. If there remains a clear favourite, that motion is directly selected.
    3. In case of an undecided tie between the two remaining motions, the motion for that round and match-up will be decided on the basis of toss of coin. It is the responsibility of the timekeeper to oversee the choice and selection of the motion.


    These rules will be hereby referred to as the RGNUL adjudicator subsidy rules and must be conformed to whilst providing subsidy to any adjudicator for this very edition of the Agahi.

    1. For the purpose of the rules the following shall mean:
    2. Independent adjudicator: The adjudicator shall not be a part of any competingteam or be coming through the ‘n+1’ formulae.
    3. Website: Shall mean the designated website for the Agahi ’14 competition.
    4. Subsidy: See clause 6 for the same.
    5. For the purposes of subsidy it is required that independent adjudicators apply in the weblink in the relevant form for consideration
    6. The application must have relevant adjudicating and debating credentials along.
    7. The adjudicators with the maximum marks will be considered for given subsidy.
    8. The marking criteria for judging the score of each applicant will be as follows:

    • Best adjudicator: 10 points
    • 2nd Best Adjudicator: 7 points
    • Breaking adjudicator: 5 points
    • Best team: 7 points
    • Best speaker: 5 points
    • Runners Up team: 3 points
    • 2nd best speaker:3 points
    • The total points for each candidate shall be the addition of points earned through everyachievement.
    • The subsidy shall be consisting of the following:
    • Waiver of registration fees
    • Travel Allowance from Delhi to Patiala (Bus communication)
    • Candidates will be required to present a true / copy of the ticket they used for traveling.
    • Deadline for application: 25 August 2015
    • Successful candidates will be selected by: Agahi Core Committee


    Prize money worth Rs. 50,000 /-


    For Further Information: agahi@rgnul.ac.in

     Dr. Tanya Mander


    Navneet R

    navneetrnair@gmail.com  +91 9814850124

    Click here for registration form for the team

    Click here for registration form for the Independent Adjudicators

    Click here for rules and regulation in detail.

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