Aprajita Paul Memorial Parliamentary Debate Competition`14

Akanksha Prakash

11 Aug 2014 9:42 AM GMT

  • Aprajita Paul Memorial Parliamentary Debate Competition`14

    Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL) Punjab is organizing fourth annual Parliamentary Debate Competition on 25-27 September,2014.  The students from across the nation has been invited to join the competition.

    Team Prizes

    • Winners-  Rs 21,000/-
    • Runners Up- Rs 11,000/-
    • Spirit of Agahi`14

    Individual Prizes

    • Best Speaker Award
    • Best Adjudicator Award

    Registration Fees(N+1): Rs 3000/-

    Registration Single Adj: Rs 800/-

    For further details:-

    Please Contact:

    • Faculty Co-ordinator: Tanya Mander (e-mail: tanyamander@yahoo.co.uk)
    • Student Co-ordinator:-
    • Soham Banerjee (e-mail: sbanerjeem@gmail.com Ph.: +91 8146130999)
    • Ankit Gusain (e-mail: G.ankit298@gmail.com Ph.: +91 8727050281)
    • Navneet Nair (e-mail: Navneetnair@gmail.com Ph.: +91 919814850124)

    For Poster, click here

    For Parliamentary Debate Rules, click here

    For Adjudicator Subsidy rules, click here

    For Team Registration Form, click here

    For Independent Registration Form, click here

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