Call for Applications: Lawxy-WHO Legal Development Programme on Road Safety

aasavri Rai

5 Jun 2018 9:53 AM GMT

  • Call for Applications: Lawxy-WHO Legal Development Programme on Road Safety

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) Legal Development Programme (LDP) on Road Safety and Lawxy have announced Phase II of the project. Applications are invited for the LDP which will be conducted from June to December 2018.

    Although road traffic injuries have been a leading cause of mortality for many years, most traffic crashes are both predictable and preventable. Lawxy aims to implement some of these proven measures in India. Rolling out these interventions in India will offer huge potential to mitigate future damage and save lives.

    About the LDP Project: To combat the ever-growing menace of traffic accidents, WHO has launched LDP in India in 2017. Lawxy implemented it last year and is continuing to partner with WHO in 2018. The focus of this project is to change how traffic safety is viewed by all stakeholders (the government, the media, the courts and by the common man).

    Applicants will be trained by leading WHO officials, government officials, judges, senior advocates, journalists and public policy professionals.


    • Lawxy is looking for dedicated, motivated and smart professionals capable of working in a charged environment driven by the need to mitigate the catastrophe of traffic disasters.

    • Lawxy encourages lawyers, public policy professionals, engineers (especially automobile specialists), doctors (especially doctors dealing with road accident victims) and social sector employees to Other professionals are welcome too.

    • Indian citizen and living in India.

    • Fluent in both English and Hindi. Additional regional languages are valued.

    • Work experience of at least two years.

    • Some experience in writing research papers.

    • Analytical and good communication (both verbal and written) skills.

    • Some prior contact with regulation/ law and government authorities.

    • Not employed in the tobacco, alcohol or arms sector.

    • Experience in road safety and motor accident laws (Optional but preferable).


    • Availability to attend:

      • A one-day induction workshop tentatively towards the end of July 2018 in New Delhi; and

      • A two-day classroom workshop tentatively towards the end of August 2018 in New Delhi.

      • A two-day classroom workshop tentatively in November 2018 in New Delhi.

    • Commitment to doing research and writing articles, research papers and blog posts on a regular basis from June to December 2018.

    • Participation in the BIGRS country partner meetings (as needed).

    • Ability to travel abroad to attend international WHO seminars and workshops.

    Lawxy assures:

    1. Boarding and lodging arrangements from your city of residence to New Delhi (and return) for participating in the workshops.

    2. Boarding and lodging arrangements from your city of residence to Beijing where WHO is conducting their annual workshop in September 2018 (if selected);

    3. Certificates from WHO and Lawxy acknowledging your contribution;

    4. Opportunity to interact with key decision makers and stakeholders at various levels;

    5. Access to experts on various subjects connected with the WHO Legal Development Programme;

    6. Mentorship opportunities with leading professionals and road safety experts; and

    7. Ability to work with government departments in drafting the policies on road safety and motor vehicle law.

    The application form can be accessed here.

    Deadline for completing the application: 15th June 2018

    Shortlisted applicants will be called for a telephonic interview. Further, shortlisted candidates would be provided some material according to their professional background and would then have to complete an online test.

    In case of any queries about the selection process, and for further details, click here, or write to

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