Confero: National Debate Competition, 2017 by Campus Law Centre, Delhi University

Piyo Harold Jaimon

9 March 2017 3:16 PM GMT

  • Confero: National Debate Competition, 2017 by Campus Law Centre, Delhi University
    Seminars, Debates and Discussions Society (SDS) of Campus Law Centre, Delhi University is organizing its first ever National Debate on the topic “Customs and Cultural Identity Are Impediments to Legal Reforms” on 29th March, 2017.


    The competition shall be open to all students pursuing LL.B. (3-year or 5-year law course) and LL.M. programs.

    Format & Guidelines:-

    Round 1: Preliminary Selection Process

    The interested participants must submit a 500 word abstract, which is to be accompanied by a two minute video recording of the same. They can decide to take a position either for the motion or against the motion.

    • The word limit for the abstract is 500 words (excluding footnotes).

    • Submit only a soft copy via email to with “Submission Debate Abstract NDC” in the subject line.

    • Each submission email should contain the abstract as well as scanned copy of Student ID card as issued by the college/institution in which they are pursuing their law course.

    • The video recording of approximately two minutes has to be sent along with the abstract via email.

    • The last date of submission of the abstract and video shall be 15th March, 2017 (till 6:00pm).

    Round 2: Live Debate

    10 speakers would be selected based on the above mentioned abstracts and videos (5 speakers for the motion and 5 speakers against the motion)


    • WINNER, FOR THE MOTION : ₹10,000



    For further information, please contact-

    • Akshaya Agarwal: 9999777687

    • Garima Verma: 9999322190

    Click here for more information regarding Rules & Themes.
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