Delhi #OddEvenFormula; ₹ 2000/-Fine for violation [Read the Notification]

Delhi #OddEvenFormula; ₹ 2000/-Fine for violation [Read the Notification]

Delhi Government has issued official notification on the Odd –Even scheme for non-transport vehicles. The scheme, which shall come into force with effect on the New Year day, is as follows

  1. The plying of non-transport four wheeled vehicles (Motor Cars etc.) having registration number ending with odd digit (1,3,5,7,9) shall be prohibited on even dates of the month and plying of the non-transport Vehicles having registration number ending with even digit (0,2,4,6,8) shall be prohibited on odd dates of the month.
  2. These restrictions shall also apply to the non-transport four wheeled vehicles bearing registration number of other states.
  3. These restrictions shall be applicable from 8 AM to 8 PM of such dates.
  4. These restrictions shall not be applicable on Sundays.
  5. Violation of these orders shall attract a fine of Rs. 2000/- in accordance with the provisions of sub- section (1) of section 194 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

The notification says this scheme is introduced in view of the fact that the Delhi has more than nine million registered vehicles and the vehicular pollution has become a major source of air pollution in Delhi. It also says that Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and National Green Tribunal have passed various directions from time to time to take immediate action to control the alarming level of vehicular pollution in Delhi and this scheme is designed to give effect to the directions of the Courts.

Scheme on the face of it, includes only non- transport four wheeled vehicles, meaning thereby that transport four wheeled vehicles and two wheelers generally are excluded from the scheme. Almost all the dignitaries holding constitutional posts are excluded from the scheme. Interestingly, the Chief Minister of Delhi is bound by this scheme.

Vehicles being used for medical emergencies, Women only vehicles - including children of age up to 12 years travelling with them and Vehicles driven/occupied by handicapped person, are also excluded.

Read the notification here.