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Hindu Man’s Application Seeking Nod To Convert To Islam

Gujarat High Court Restrains Govt From Notifying 'Disturbed Area' For 'Improper Clustering' Under Amended Disturbed Areas Act [Watch Hearing]

The Gujarat High Court on Wednesday restrained the State Government from declaring any area as 'disturbed area' under Section 3(1)(ii) of the Gujarat Disturbed Areas Act, 1991, for 'improper...

20 Jan 2021 4:45 PM GMT
Police Assault On Etah Advocate

"Whether A Lawyer Has Any Privilege Against Coercive Action By Police When He is In Prescribed Robes? Allahabad HC To Examine In Etah Case

'Whether the Advocates Act, 1961 extends any privilege to an advocate for being not taken any coercive action by the police against him, if he is in prescribed robes?' High Court frames question.

20 Jan 2021 4:12 PM GMT
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