GNLU: Video Making Competition On “Consumer Protection Act And Its Significance For Persons With Disabilities


8 April 2024 5:46 AM GMT

  • GNLU: Video Making Competition On “Consumer Protection Act And Its Significance For Persons With Disabilities
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    The GNLU Centre for Disability Studies was established on 02nd October 2019 with an aim to work for disability rights and social justice through promotion of teaching and research in the interdisciplinary areas of sociology, social work, law and policy. Through curriculum development, research projects and disability studies, the Centre would attempt at doing meaningful contribution in the areas of disability and human rights, disability and society, accessibility and reasonable accommodations, inclusive education, gender and disability, amongst others. The Centre intents to create an environment ensuring mainstreaming and equal participation of students with disabilities in the University. The Centre would bring together academicians, researchers, scholars, lawyers, practitioners, activists, students and other stakeholders to foster dialogue on the increasing relevance of disability studies and research.

    Gujarat National Law University is a statutory University established by the Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat National Law University Act, 2003. The University is recognized by the Bar Council of India and the University of Grants Commission. The University functions as a nodal agency to uplift legal education in the State of Gujarat. The University off­ers teaching, research and training programme in law and inter-disciplinary fields such as Arts, Commerce, Science and Technology, Business Administration and Social Work at undergraduate and post-graduate level. It is the only National Law University which is offering integrated undergraduate law degree in five areas- B.A. LL.B. (Hons.), B.S.W. LL.B. (Hons.), B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.), B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.), and B.Sc. LL.B. (Hons.); full-time LL.M., MBA in Financial Management and Business Laws and Ph.D. in laws and other disciplines as recommended by the UGC as well as diploma/certificate courses in various areas.

    Video Making Competition in Accessible Format

    The Video Making Competition in Accessible Format is an initiative aimed at fostering creativity and raising awareness about consumer rights, particularly focusing on the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. This competition invites participants to create engaging and informative videos that shed light on various aspects of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 ensuring accessibility for all individuals, including those with disabilities. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity, the competition encourages participants to create videos that incorporate features such as closed captions, audio descriptions, and universal design principles. By providing a platform for individuals to showcase their talent while advocating for consumer rights, this competition seeks to empower and educate audiences from diverse backgrounds.

    Objective behind organising this competition is to:

    1. Increase public awareness about the Consumer Protection Act and its provisions.
    2. Encourage diverse participation, including persons with disabilities, in the video-making process, emphasizing the importance of an inclusive society.
    3. Provide a platform for participants to creatively express the significance of consumer protection and how it can be further inclusive.
    4. Foster creativity and innovation through the medium of video, allowing participants to communicate complex concepts in a visually compelling and accessible manner.

    Theme of the Competition: Consumer Protection Act: Empowering Consumers with Knowledge about their Rights and Responsibilities

    Sub – Themes:

    1. Ensuring Equal Access to Online Goods and Services
    2. Protecting Consumers from Harmful or Unsafe Products
    3. Ensuring Honest Pricing and Information Disclosure
    4. Understanding and Utilizing Consumer Grievance Redressal Systems
    5. Combat Fraudulent Practices Targeting Consumers
    6. Encouraging Environmentally Responsible Consumer Choices
    7. Ensuring Accessible Services for Persons with Disabilities
    8. Promoting Ethical Advertising Practices and Consumer Awareness
    9. Addressing Challenges and Ensuring Fair Practices in Online Marketplaces

    These subthemes are not exhaustive, participants are encouraged to explore topics beyond these sub-themes while adhering to the main theme of the competition

    Call for Submissions

    Videos in accessible format on the above themes are invited from Researchers and students in the fields of Disability studies, Law, Sociology and Psychology NGO practitioners and other allied disciplines.

    Submission Criteria

    • Videos should be no longer than 20 minutes.
    • Submissions must be accessible, including closed captions, audio descriptions, and adherence to universal design principles. Refer to this document for detailed guidelines:
    • Content should align with the theme of the Consumer Protection Act.
    • Individual submissions are accepted. In case of a team, not exceeding 3 members.

    Judging Panel

    The entries will be judged by a panel consisting of disability rights experts and experts in accessible content-making.

    Awards and Recognition

    • outstanding contributions will be recognised with awards and certificates while participants will receive a certificate of appreciation.
    • Participants securing:
    • 1st place, will get Rs 10,000 prize money
    • 2nd place, will get Rs 7,500 prize money
    • 3rd place, will get Rs 5,000 prize money
    • winning videos will be featured on the centre's website and social media platforms.

    Important deadlines

    Payment of Registration Fee and Registration: 30th April 2024

    Submission of Final Video: 30th April 2024

    Announcement of results: 20th May 2024


    All the participants should register for the competition through this Google Form. In case of individual submission, the registration fee shall be Rs. 500 and in case of team, the registration fee shall be Rs. 1,000.

    Note: Registration is mandatory before submission of the video.

    Payment procedure:

    For more details, refer to the brochure here

    Contact information

    Mail at /

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