Call For Submissions: National Essay Writing Competition By NLUJAA


27 May 2024 5:56 AM GMT

  • Call For Submissions: National Essay Writing Competition By NLUJAA
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    The Centre for Environmental Law, Advocacy and Research (CELAR), the first of its kind in North-East India, is devoted to strengthening and contributing to the jurisprudence on environmental law, under the auspices of the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. CELAR endeavors to be a torchbearer of NLUJAA's mission to translate legal knowledge and skills into an instrument that addresses various environmental concerns of the country, especially the North-Eastern region of India. The National Essay Writing Competition, endeavours to facilitate better and greater ideas to create a community of environmentally conscious individuals from legal and non-legal fraternities.

    The World Wild Fund for Nature - India is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using credible scientific research to protect nature and combat the greatest risks to Earth's biodiversity. Their goal is to create a world where humans coexist peacefully with the natural world. To achieve this, they focus on preserving and revitalizing biodiversity, the intricate network that sustains all living beings; minimizing humanity's impact on the environment; and promoting the responsible management of natural resources to support both the present and future of their planet.

    The Essay Writing Competition will be held in collaboration with WWF-India (Assam State Office). The competition will focus on the World Environment Day 2024 theme of “land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience”. It provides a platform for individuals from varied backgrounds, disciplines, and perspectives to unite and express their thoughts, concerns, and solutions regarding the environmental challenges their planet faces. Through participation, individuals not only contribute to a crucial global dialogue but also have the opportunity to impact policy and practice in meaningful ways. In collaboration with WWF-India (Assam State Office), they aim to bring out the opinions capable of driving transformative action, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for their planet. The registration for this event is free. Prizes worth INR 9,000/- to be won.

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