Call For Applications: Priority Round Of Delegate Applications For GLCMUN'19

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19 Jan 2019 5:48 AM GMT

  • Call For Applications: Priority Round Of Delegate Applications For GLCMUN19

    The 11th edition of Government Law College Model United Nations is scheduled to be held from 22nd to 24th March 2019 at Government Law College, Mumbai.

                • The Committees and Agendas for GLCMUN'19 are as follows:

                  UN Security Council:

                  • The situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and review of the MONUSCO mandate
                  • Maintenance of international peace and security: Non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

                  Ukraine NATO Inter-Parliamentary Council:

                  • Russian aggression against NATO allies
                  • Solution to the Ukranian conflict

                  United Nations General Assembly (DISEC):

                  • Discussing the issues pertaining to the drafting of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism.
                  • Possibility of a nuclear-weapon-free Zone in the Middle East

                  World Economic Forum:

                  • Strengthening the public-private partnerships to combat money laundering and financial crimes
                  • Advancement in the fourth industrial revolution with emphasis on cybersecurity

                  United Nations General Assembly (Legal):

                  • Safeguarding ocean space for present and future generations
                  • Legitimacy of economic sanctions under international law

                  United Nations Human Rights Council:

                  • Human rights of civilians and non-combatants in conflict zones with special reference to women and children
                  • Preparing for the aftermath of Syrian conflict

                  Lok Sabha:

                  • Laws relating to fugitive economic offenders
                  • Discussion on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018

                  Last Date for Priority Round Registration: 23rd January 2019

                  Priority Registration Fee: INR 1,800

                  Accommodation Fee: INR 4,500 for 3 nights at Astoria Hotel, Mumbai

                  Queries can be addressed to + 91 7666076606/ 9820221927/ 8194856662/ 9167984094, or to

                  To register, click here.

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