Certification Course On Constitutional Law And Human Rights By Into Legal World With Sui Juris Law Firm


8 May 2020 12:30 PM GMT

  • Certification Course On Constitutional Law And Human Rights By Into Legal World With Sui Juris Law Firm

    The Constitution of India is the supreme law of the land as it sets out the framework under which the country is governed. Every article written in it has incalculable principles enshrined to it. The course explores and discusses in detail the principles enshrined in it such as sovereignty, federalism, separation of power, rule of law, basic structure, golden triangle and so on. It explains the ways in which judiciary, executive body and legislature construct it working within its principles. It deals with contemporary question as well as historical principles that shape Indian Constitution. The course is formulated in way, easy to understand, with interesting exercises and landmark judgments. It is preferable for students preparing for various competitive exams like UPSC, PCS-J, APO, UGC (NET), and advocates.


    • Analyse and understand complex principles enshrined in Indian Constitution
    • Able to read behind Lines of Bare Act
    • Landmark Judgments under Indian Constitution that has shaped the nation (1950-till date)
    • Able to experiment with legal and theoretical principles to specific situations
    • Able to understand the present dynamics of change of Constitution and Human Rights
    • Analyse and ponder over current issues of Constitutional and political importance
    • Critiques and answer
    • Special classes on how to research and write a paper under constitutional topics
    • Special classes for students preparing for moot


    ANIRUDHA CHOUDHURY, Assistant Professor

    The course exhaustive in nature with advance study material. It includes 35 Modules which will run for entire 16 weeks. Students will learn 2 module each week so as to understand it better.


    • Online Video Lecture
    • Live Classes for Queries and better explanation
    • Recorded classes for getting through the material as per your own time schedule
    • Audio/Video Presentation
    • Material in form of PPT for learning it easily
    • Materials in form of cartoon for making it interesting
    • Landmark Judgments with examples
    • Recent Judgment with special case study
    • 24*7 course access
    • Interesting Exercise
    • Special classes for moot preparation
    • Special classes for research paper
    • Special classes for students preparing for PCS J and other competitive exams
    • Students will get certificate, CD, Letter head Report Card, Study Material and Book on Constitutional Law.

    The batch is starting from Monday

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    The batch starts from Monday.

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