Justice Dipak Misra, Delivers Enlightening Lecture On The 'Constitutional Perspective Of Corporate Social Responsibility' At MNLU Mumbai


26 Jun 2023 8:03 AM GMT

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    On June 24, 2023, former Chief Justice of India, Justice Dipak Misra, delivered a captivating lecture on the topic 'Constitutional Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility' as part of the prestigious 3rd G A Thakker Memorial Lecture series at Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU) Mumbai.

    The event, organized by MNLU Mumbai, aimed to commemorate the late Justice G A Thakker's contributions to the field of law and justice. The lecture by Justice Dipak Misra, renowned for his profound understanding of constitutional matters, garnered immense interest from legal practitioners, scholars, and students alike.

    The Dias was shared by Senior Advocate Bombay High Court Mr. Nithin Thakker, Prof.(Dr.)Dilip Ukey, Vice Chancellor MNLU Mumbai and Prof.(Dr.)Anil G Variath, Registrar MNLU Mumbai.

    During his address, Justice Misra shed light on the intersection of the Indian Constitution and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He delved into the constitutional principles and provisions that form the foundation of CSR initiatives in the country. Justice Misra emphasized the importance of aligning corporate practices with constitutional values and highlighted the role of the judiciary in ensuring compliance with these principles.

    Drawing from his extensive experience on the bench, Justice Misra discussed landmark judgments related to CSR, which have helped shape the legal landscape surrounding corporate accountability. He examined the constitutional obligations imposed on businesses to contribute to the welfare of society and elucidated the relationship between CSR and the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution.

    The lecture also explored the evolving nature of CSR in India and the challenges faced in its implementation. Justice Misra shared insights on the need for a comprehensive framework to regulate and monitor CSR activities, while balancing the interests of corporations and the larger society.

    MNLU Mumbai expressed its gratitude to Justice Dipak Misra for gracing the event and sharing his invaluable insights. The university believes that his lecture has not only deepened the understanding of the constitutional dimensions of CSR but has also inspired the legal community and students to actively engage in the discourse surrounding corporate accountability and social responsibility.

    The 3rd G A Thakker Memorial Lecture, featuring Justice Dipak Misra, proved to be an intellectual feast, stimulating meaningful discussions and contributing to the advancement of legal knowledge.

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