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Lex Bonanza 2k17-International Law Fest-Debate Competition

Indore Institute of Law is proud to announce the VI Edition of its International Law Fest. The International Law Fest “LEX BONANZA 2k17” is a yearly event of Indore Institute of Law. The Event showcases the legal battle between the aspiring lawyers. The swords are crossed between crime and law; fanfares of competitions are organized for sharpening the wits required on the legal array.

Topic: “Digital India:  Myth or Authenticity”

Rules for Debate:

  1. Two speakers from each team, one FOR the motion and one AGAINST the motion shall participate.
  2. Each speaker will be given 4 minutes to speak. (3+1)
  3. At the completion of three minutes, there will be warning bell.
  4. Marks will be deducted if the speaker exceeds the time limit.
  5. The medium of Debate shall be strictly English.
  6. No abusive language shall be used.
  7. No objection shall be entertained as the Decision of the Judges shall be final.
  8. Participants are not allowed to bring any kind of hand written stuff (paper or chit) or mobile to the stage or near podium.


  • Winner for the Motion – Rs. 1100/- Certificate & Trophy
  • Winner against the Motion – Rs. 1100/- Certificate & Trophy
  • Runner UP For the Motion – Rs. 500/- Certificate & Trophy
  • Runner UP Against the Motion – Rs. 500/- Certificate & Trophy

For any queries please contact: Student Coordinators:

Neha Singh +91 9630061494

Shriti Vijayvargiya +91 8962722345

For Brochure click here

For Registration Process Rules & Regulations/Team Registration Form/Student registration Form click here


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