MP Judge Harassment allegations: Supreme Court Stays panel probe

MP Judge Harassment allegations: Supreme Court Stays panel probe

The apex Court today stayed the probe by the panel appointed to investigate the proceedings against Madhya Pradesh High Court Judge who was accused of sexual harassment by a Gwalior Additional District Judge. The Court sent a notice to the accused Judge, the Secretary General of the Supreme Court and the Registrar of the Madhya Pradesh High Court.

She had also pleaded that her resignation is a “constructive termination” and she be reinstated will all consequential benefits.

CJI Lodha had urged the formation of a panel comprising of senior Judges in order to investigate the allegations of sexual harassment. Read the Live Law story here.

She contended that until the MP High Court Judge continues to assume his post, the witnesses would not be able to depose in a free and fair manner. She further alleges that one of the two members in the panel had once transferred her and that might lead to prejudice in the investigation. Read the Live Law story here.

In an appalling revelation, the female Judge has alleged being sexually harassed by her administrative Judge. She subsequently had to resign to guard her “dignity, womanhood and self-esteem”. Read the Live Law story here.

The HC Judge has however denied all allegations and has reportedly offered to face any probe by any agency including an investigating agency, ready to “face any penalty, even the death penalty”.

A few female lawyers have demanded an impeachment proceeding against the Judge. They have reportedly moved a resolution in the Supreme Court Bar Association demanding an enquiry into the matter.

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