National Legal Essay Competition at Galgotias University

Sukriti Singh

18 Aug 2015 12:19 PM GMT

  • National Legal Essay Competition at Galgotias University

    School of Law, Galgotias University is organizing the National Legal Essay Competition which aims to provide a platform to the students enrolled in law schools and colleges all over the country to express their views on topics based on different avenues of the legal field.

    Eligibility: The competition shall be open to all students OF UNDERGRADUATE AND POST-GRADUATE from any institution recognized by the Bar Council of India, in India.

    Topics for the Competition

    1. Attempt to suicide should or should not be punishable.
    2. Does the National Judicial Appointments Commission Act ensure independence of Indian Judiciary?
    3. Limited Liability Partnership: Balance between partnership and company.
    4. Women in Board of Directors: Breaking the Glass or meeting statutory provisions Judicial Activism: Destroying the Human Rights jurisprudence?

     Formatting Guidelines

    • Page Margins : 1 inch on all sides
    • Font Type : Times New Roman
    • Font Size: 12 pts.
    • Line spacing: Double spacing with ‘0 pts.’ before and after.
    • Alignment : Justified

    For Footnotes

    • Font Type : Times New Roman
    • Font Size: 10 pts.
    • Line spacing : Single spacing with ‘0 pts.’ before and after
    • Alignment : Justified
    • Style : ILI Rules of Footnoting

    Submission Guidelines

    1. The word limit for the essay is 3000 - 6000 words (excluding footnotes)
    2. The cover page of the submission should contain the following details only:
      Unique Submission Number
      Title of the Essay
      Abstract of the Essay (250 words)
    3. Co-authorship to a maximum of 2 individual authors is permitted.
    4. The soft copy of the essay should be submitted in MS Word file (.doc).

    Last date for submission of Papers: 25th September, 2015 (revised date)

    Click here to download the brochure for more details.

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