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NHRC Issues Notice To Rajasthan Govt. Over Complaints Of 'Exponential Increase In Incidents Of Crime Against Women'

Sparsh Upadhyay
27 March 2021 10:52 AM GMT
NHRC Issues Notice To Rajasthan Govt. Over Complaints Of Exponential Increase In Incidents Of Crime Against Women

Taking cognizance of complaints alleging that there has been an exponential increase in the incidents of crime against women in Rajasthan, the National Human Rights Commission, (NHRC) has sent notices to the Chief Secretary, and the Director-General of Police, Rajasthan.

Underlining that the cardinal duty of the State is to protect the rights of the women and punish the perpetrators without fail, the Commission has noted that allegedly, 80,000 cases were registered in the State pertaining to the crime against women in the last year.

"Out of which more than 12,000 are the rape cases. Giving the press clippings in support of the allegations, the Commission has requested for its intervention in the matter", the press release of the NHRC states.

Further, the Commission has observed that the allegations and the incidents appear to be 'serious in nature indicating violation of human rights.

Significantly, the NHRC has stated,

"It appears that there has been an unabated crime against women in the State, which raises a question mark on the efficacy of the State Machinery in curbing such crimes."

Accordingly, the Commission has issued the notices directing the concerned parties to enquire into the specific incidents and submit an Action Taken Report mentioning each of the incidents to the Commission within four weeks.

NHRC has also directed them to inform the Commission about the steps being taken by the State for inspiring confidence in the women and the girls ensuring their safety and security in the State.

In its press release, the Commission has also mentioned about some incidents specifically related to crime against women which happened in during last month and which were highlighted by the Complainant before the Commission.

Significantly, the commission has taken note of the following of the following incidents happened in the last one month: -

  • The kidnapping of a minor girl at Jalore, on 22.03.2021 and self-immolation by the mother of the victim because of inaction of the authority.
  • Gang-rape of a minor at Kota by more than 30 persons between 25.02.2021 to 06.03.2021.
  • Gang-rape victim was burnt alive at Hanumangarh on 05.03.2021.
  • Gang-rape of a woman at Kota on 06.03.2021.
  • Rape of a woman by the ASI when she came to lodge a report, on 07.03.2021.
  • Rape of a woman at Ajmer on 08.03.2021.
  • Disrobing and beating of the mother and the daughter on 09.03.2021.
  • Attempt to kidnap and rape of a teacher on 13.03.2021.
  • Attempt to rape of a woman at the DCP Office by the ACP, on 14.03.2021.
  • Rape of a patient in the ICU by the Nursing Person at Jaipur, on 15.03.2021.
  • Rape and making an obscene video of a woman on 15.03.2021.
  • Many incidents like gang-rape of a minor at Jhunjhunu, rape of a 6-year-old child in Sri Ganganagar, sexual harassment of a girl in Bhilwara, kidnapping and rape of a minor at Alwar, rape, and the making of obscene video of a girl, on 18.03.2021.
  • Beating by use of lathi of a pregnant daughter at Village Sirana, Pali, on 19.03.2021.

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