SiNApSE Law Student Blog Contest

Sukriti Singh

18 Oct 2014 5:07 AM GMT

  • SiNApSE Law Student Blog Contest

    SiNApSE an initiative of BananaIP which provides information on various aspects of IP viz. patents, trademarks, copyrights among others and brings forth Intellectual Property (IP) news, updates and insights for the benefit of IP professionals, attorneys, consultants, firms, corporate entities as well as any person being newly introduced to IP announces the “SiNApSE Law Student Blog Contest” and invites all LLB (3- year & 5-year courses) and LLM students to participate in the competition. The purpose is to increase the knowledge base of Intellectual Property and spread IP awareness through students.

    Eligibility: The competition is open for all LLB (3-year & 5-year courses) and LLM students.

    Rewards and Recognitions

    One First Prize – The Winner* will be awarded a cash prize ofINR 5,000/- plus the opportunity to undergo the Winter Internship Program with BananaIP Counsels plus A Biographical Story will be published about the winner on Sinapse.

     Five Second Prizes – Top Five Bloggers* will be awarded an advance signed (Dr.Kalyan Kankanala) copy of Pirates of Bollywood – the adventurous drama-filled rendering with an educational plot plus A Short Note about each of the top five on Sinapse.

    Participation Prize - All Active Bloggers* will get a soft copy of a Participation Certificate (Hard copies may be availed of upon request. Each hard copy will be chargeable).

    How to Participate

    • The participants may send their details to . Following the format given here:
      1.Name of Participant(s):
      2.Name of the Institution:
      3. Course and Year:
      4.Contact Info (Mobile No. /Email ID/Correspondence Address):
    • After Approval and Registration are completed, each student will be required to send their blog posts via e-mail to in the following format:
      1. Soft copy of submissions should be in MS Word file format (.doc/.docx).
      2. Each blog post should contain the appropriate Title (Not more than 10 words).
      3. Word limit for each blog post is: 350-400 words (Lower limit) and 650-700 words (Upper limit).
      4. One or more Relevant Images for each post must be provided, which will be uploaded along with the post. Each image must be given the Right Attribution (Not just the website but the actual photographer/creator/owner)
      5. Image size is to be 678×378 (breadthxheight) which can be achieved using
      software tools like IrfanView

    The Law Student Blog Idol contest opens on the 13th of October, 2014 and come to a close on the 13th of December, 2014.

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