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Rafale: India
Rafale: India's 'Pentagon Papers' Moment?

The test of 'clear and present danger' is identifiable with two eminent Justices of the Supreme Court of America, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and Louis Dembitz Brandeis. In their judgment in...

Rafale Verdict : Flawed, Confused & Contradictory
Rafale Verdict : Flawed, Confused & Contradictory

The Supreme Court’s judgment in the Rafale case raises more questions than it answers.To dismiss the petitions, the Court cited jurisdictional limitations and lack of domain expertise in reviewing...

Fragments From A Manuscript
Fragments From A Manuscript

It often falls on archaeologists and historians to reconstruct civilizations and their cultures from a shard of pottery or the remnants of parchment. In contrast, the tools of law require us to sift...

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