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[Breaking]NLSIU To Hold NLAT Re-Test For Candidates Who Submitted Complaints Of Technical Glitches

13 Sep 2020 5:20 PM GMT
[Breaking]NLSIU To Hold NLAT Re-Test For Candidates Who Submitted Complaints Of Technical Glitches

The National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bengaluru, has decided to hold a re-test for the National Law Aptitude Test (NLAT) tomorrow, September 14, at 12 PM for candidates who submitted complaints of technical glitches.

There were widespread complaints of technical problems during the NLAT which was held yesterday.

Following that, the NLSIU had asked candidates who faced technical difficulties during the exam to submit their objections in the official portal by 12 PM today.

A technical committee that reviewed the complaints expressed the opinion that those candidates may be offered another examination slot.

Accordingly, messages regarding the re-examination were sent to those candidates who had submitted their complaints.

The final slot for the NLAT exam will begin at 12 PM tomorrow. After verification, the exam will begin at 12.30 PM and will extend till the alloted time.

If the candidate chooses to login for the exam tomorrow, the previous exam score will be erased.

If the candidate does not appear tomorrow, the previous exam score will be retained.

The messages sent to the candidates made it clear that this was the final attempt and that no further opportunities are available.

NLAT 2020: Several Candidates Share Miseries Of Technical Glitches - Login/ Verification Issues; Answers Submitted Automatically Before Time

NLAT 2020 is a "home-based" online examination that uses a combination of AI-based and human proctoring.

The decision of the premier law institute to conduct a separate admission test after backing out of CLAT has been challenged in the Supreme Court. On September 11, the Supreme Court said that it will examine the legality of the decision, and restrained NLSIU from publishing the results of NLAT and conducting admissions on its basis, while allowing it to hold the test on September 12. The matter will be considered again by the Court on September 16.

It was on September 3 that the NLSIU issued the revised admission notification stating that it will not accept CLAT scores for admissions to the academic year 2020-21 and that the same will be based on the NLAT.

The NLSIU cited the repeated postponement of CLAT on account of COVID-19 as a reason for the decision behind the separate test. It said that the University is under a compulsion to complete the admission process by September end, as it follows a trimester system distinct from other National Law Universities.

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