VI Annual IP Teaching/Research Workshop- 2017

Simran Sahni

23 Jun 2017 3:08 PM GMT

  • VI Annual IP Teaching/Research Workshop- 2017
    Remedies in intellectual property law (civil, criminal and/or administrative) are generally available at the preliminary stage or as a permanent measure. The right to exclude conferred by the IP laws has a strong exclusionary component. This makes the exclusionary/prohibitive form of injunctive relief, the most favourable remedy sought by IP owners. However, accounts for profits and damages are granted along with or without an injunction in favour of the IP holders. Tailoring remedies and apportionment of damages are some of the hotly debated topics in the area of IP remedies. Remedies do take different forms in different IP rights due to specific nature of the IP protected work and the market. However, little consensus exists in theory, evidence and policy to arrive at the right heuristics. What courts are often left with to decide is the propriety of providing specific remedies based on equitable principles and broad discretion in each individual case, especially when there is very little coherence and guidance in the case-law jurisprudence.  All this has led to a seeming lack of consistency in the decisions emanating from different courts in different jurisdictions.

    Thus the VI Annual IP Teaching Workshop will attempt to throw light over this ambivalent area of intellectual property law.

    Date: 2-3 July, 2017

    Venue: NLSIU, Bangalore

    Theme: IP Remedies

    Organisers: CIIPC, National Law University, Delhi & CIPRA, National Law School of India University, Bangalore

    Who can attend?

    Interested law students, practitioners or faculty members can send in their request to attend the workshop on or before
    25th June, 2017

    Note: Late entries will not be accepted.

    For further details, please contact Ms. Kavya Mammen, Research Fellow,CIIPC or click here.


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