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“Why No States Are Listening To Govt Of India?, It Is A Crisis Situation” SC On Elephant Corridor

“It is a crisis situation. If state governments will say we will do whatever we want and let the Government of India say anything, there will be a complete breakdown of the system”: Supreme Court

“Why the states are not responding to Union Of India’s orders on creating elephant corridors. How come you are so helpless”, the Supreme Court has asked the Centre.

The comments from a bench of justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta came when Additional Solicitor General A N S Nadkarni was informed by the Centre that there were 27 critical elephant corridors falling in 22 states, but despite the top court’s directions, 13 of these states have not responded to the government on the matter.

The bench asked: “So ? What is to be done? No state is listening to Government of India. Yesterday, we had the same problem, today we have the same problem. It is hopeless. There has to be a solution of this. Is the Government of India helpless”, the bench asked the ASG.

On April 23 the court had directed 19 states to file their responses within four weeks.

“The states are showing and proving that they have scant regard for the Union and the Supreme Court of India”, said the ASG.

The bench then added: “Also to the constitution of India. It is a crisis situation. If state governments will say we will do whatever we want and let the Government of India say anything, there will be a complete breakdown of the system”.

Earlier Nadkarni referred to the April 23 order of the apex court and said that out of the 22 states, three states — Kerala, Meghalaya and West Bengal — had responded earlier while five others have also given their responses to the Centre. He said there were incidents of elephant deaths in rail or road accidents or by electrocution. The counsel appearing for Nagaland said they have also given their response to the Centre on the issue. The bench noted in its order that 13 states, including Uttarakhand, Odisha, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan have not responded to the Centre on the issue of elephant corridors.

On April 23 the court had said Veerappan is dead and after that the number of elephants in southern states went up. But now they are getting killed due to accidents and other reasons.

Three months ago the court, in response to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Wildlife Conservation Society-India (WCS) and Wildlife Conservation Trust had suggested that nine States acquire land across 27 high-priority corridors to enable safe movement of elephants. But there has not been much headway.

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  • RAJAN NADAR says:

    True. In Cauvery Water Distribution also , the same happened. The secretary of the Department concerned should be pulled up by the Court for non-compliance of a lawful order . Especially when they are found indifferent wrt orders of the Hon’ble SC.

  • Golden Singh says:

    I have a few points to make.
    1. India has a estimated 17,000,000 children living on the streets instead of housing units. In my opinion we need to teach pobo69. That is pulling out before orgasming (pobo) with 69 position as practice for Pobo. With that we also need to house and feed the children that are here now. Those are two things that are a priority one despite our shame of sex and sexual knowledge.
    2. If the Indian government can’t teach pobo69 and house and feed the children then perhaps the Indian military can.
    3. If the mirror makes you uncomfortable then don’t have a baby but rather adopt a child or a puppy.
    4. If the states will not listen to the Indian government then perhaps they will listen to the military.
    5. Also be sexual as a invitation because that makes everyone happy, but save the sexual act for designated areas.
    6. Fruits and nut trees and vegetables resemble humans sexual organs and so plant a lot of fruit and vegetables.
    7. If what I have written offends you then surrender your sexual organs at the doctors office.

  • Maganty Sai Rama Rao says:

    When states don’t care Centre, Apex Court, Constitution then, doesn’t union home ministry recommend action against erring states?

  • p d amarnath says:

    Yes, something serious had to be done. When political leaders ruling states are capable of asking thrir party MPs to stop parliamentary proceeding , they should equally be adrpt in replying to centre’s queries. Otherwise, centre should be prepared to declare the state of constitutional breakdown. That’s is the only solution.

  • SharadGupta says:

    It’s the govts policies since 1991,after the murder of Rajiv Gandhi,that India is annoying humanity.Now the central government is so weak thateven the states presfer to defy it.It needs honest introspection by govt of India that how the situation can improve.May be it needs another 20yrs to re establish it’s credibility provided they admitand beg pardon from the world just now