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Revolutionizing Content In The Legal Space: One Conversation At A Time

6 March 2021 5:17 AM GMT
Revolutionizing Content In The Legal Space: One Conversation At A Time

The legal profession has been pegged to be one of the noblest professions, yet rarely are lawyers presented with an opportunity to present their convivial side. The generic vision is pretty much confined to the black and white garb of a lawyer. Those of us who belong to this community know that the suited devil's advocates do have a lighter, humane and endearing side to them.

During the pandemic there was a spike in technical, knowledge-based webinars that the legal industry witnessed, more so with lawyers embracing technology.

A web-based talk show UNSUITED was launched in May last year by The Grey Matter, a consulting firm for lawyers and firms in collaboration with IdexLegal, a well renowned platform that creates thought-leadership opportunities for the Indian legal industry to exchange ideas, network, and do business.

The curators of this show managed to create ripples in the legal space with their web-based show - focusing on the "people" behind the law. Their aim was to literally "lift the corporate veil" and showcase the endearing personalities often hidden behind these robes.

The endeavour was to narrate backstories - presenting the guests with an opportunity to talk about the relationships that influenced them, the fears they faced, the resilience they displayed and just everything that made them who they are today. There is a takeaway for all of us who aspire to be good lawyers and even better human beings. You can catch all the episodes on their YouTube channel

The first season featured guests like Zia Mody, Rajiv Luthra, Janak Dwarkadas, Karuna Nundy, Darius Khambata, Rajani Iyer to name a few. The second season focused on relationships within the law featuring guests like Shardul & Pallavi Shroff, Sherina & Homa Petit, Tara & Laila Ollapally among others.

The show will be launching Season 3 this Sunday at 5 pm, with Madhavi Divan and Nandini Khaitan as their first guests. You can register here

This season is in collaboration with the Arbitration Pledge Group and is focused on accomplished women in law. The numbers in India and globally, are fairly dismal when we look at women in law especially in leadership roles. This season aims to bring to the forefront the stories of the challenges faced and the infrastructures that supported these women in their journeys.

The Grey Matter is a niche team of qualified lawyers who are interested in the people and business side of the law. Collectively they enjoy extensive experience in the allied legal space spanning across legal recruitment, practice development, branding, corporate communications, mentorship, and relationship management.

The Grey Matter advises law firms of different sizes and structures on the branding and practice development side. They also enjoy creating meaningful and engaging content catering to the legal community.

On probing more into what they do and why, they stated "The vision was simple - to be aggregators of change in the legal community and to be able to effectively create impact. We wanted to leave the lawyering to the lawyers, while we provided intelligent help with managing and running their practice. Under the 'The Grey Matter umbrella', we offer a host of services and lawyers partner with us because we understand their practice as well as they do."

The Grey Matter also runs another show which is attracting a lot of interest, called the Dareact conversations featuring lawyers who have chosen to pursue other interests, after the study or the practice of law.

The ones who chose Dareact over Bareact. The guests include lawyers and students of law, who responded to the call of courage to tread uncertain paths and pursue other passions and career interests.

The show features those who chose to become journalists, entrepreneurs, cricket umpires, fashion designers, fitness coaches, artists, content creators, comedians, academicians, among many others. These stories have the ability to motivate, uplift and encourage people to overcome their doubts and fears to make the brave decision to choose differently. In the new India, they instil faith that our subject of study and our practice do not always have to be congruent. This show provides a platform for tales of grit and gumption, of those who managed to do things differently and excel. The show is about celebrating such daredevils and their journeys.

At the heart of both the shows lies powerful storytelling, an important aspect of lawyering as a profession. The Grey Matter believes that content is king, and the most powerful way to make impact is to continue to use innovative ways of dispensing information and initiating conversation among the legal eagles.

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