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Call For Applications: IDIA Training And Materials Vertical, 2021-22 [Apply By 27th February]

Aseer Jamal
21 Feb 2021 7:17 AM GMT
Call For Applications: IDIA Training And Materials Vertical, 2021-22 [Apply By 27th February]

The Training and Materials Vertical (T&M Team) of IDIA is inviting applications in the capacity of Members of the Vertical.


Members: Members will be taken for each of the subjects forming part of the CLAT/AILET pattern namely English, Maths, Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning and General Knowledge.

Note: Applicants has the option of applying for more than one subject, it should be made clear that they will ultimately be selected only for one position.


The minimum qualifications for this post are the following:

  • The T&M Vertical must be first priority. Applicants should be able to spare at least 5-6 hours a week for this work.
  • Belief in and commitment to IDIA's cause.
  • Good communication skills along with leadership qualities.

Nature of Work

The work will include preparing:

Learning Material

This will include creating short explanations in very simple language on the various legal, mathematical, english, logical and static general knowledge questions that frequent the new pattern. The subject matter will be as per the requirements of the trainees. The explanations can be in the nature of documents, video training, voice notes, or games.

Mock Tests

The work would entail:

  • Creating mock tests calibrated to different difficulty levels.
  • Proof-reading questions and answer keys in pre-existing Mock Tests.
  • Administering tests and analysing test results so as to give detailed, individualised feedback to test-takers.


The biggest incentive in working as part of IDIA is, of course, the satisfaction of having made a great contribution towards a great cause. However, some material incentives are:

  • IDIA's various supporters and donors (including some of the leading law firms) have agreed to grant internship opportunities to best performing IDIA volunteers.
  • An exceptional IDIA team leader/deputy team leader could be nominated for a series of awards including a fellowship instituted by a leading lawyer (IDIA: Sagar Fellowships) that pays a good sum each month.
  • A certificate highlighting the volunteer's contribution to IDIA and providing an assessment of their work.

How to Apply?

Those interested in applying may fill the form here and prepare a set of 10 questions( as per the new pattern) on their preferred choice of subject.

The assignments should be uploaded on the form and name the files uploaded as '<Your Name>_<Preferred subject>' (e.g., Piyush Tiwari_Legal Reasoning.docx). Email your assignment(s) to [email protected] before the deadline.

Nature of Assignment:

This assignment will essentially entail preparation of 10 questions on the applicant's preferred choice of subject. For submitting the assignment, prepare a word document containing the set of questions, along with a separate word document having answers accompanied by brief explanations. Each question must have 4 options, as per CLAT's format, and must follow a uniform numbering format. Refrain from plagiarising questions from other sources. While the passages/excerpts may be the same, the questions have to be original.

Note: As the CLAT pattern has been changed this year and is heavily analytical and comprehension based. Hence, it is suggested to go through the guide to UG CLAT-2020.

For CLAT UG GUIDE, click here

For Sample questions, click here and here


All submissions must be completed by 11:59 PM, 27th February 2021(Saturday).


For any queries, write to Piyush Tiwari ([email protected]).

For Website, click here

For Brochure, click here

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