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Hidayatullah National Law University Raipur HNLU Announces Campus Health Initiative

3 Aug 2022 3:10 PM GMT
Hidayatullah National Law University Raipur HNLU Announces Campus Health Initiative

Hidayatullah National Law University is the first amongst Nation Law Universities to implement an insurance scheme for its undergraduate and postgraduate students as part of its comprehensive Campus Health Initiative (CHI). National Insurance Company has bagged the contract through competitive bidding. The Insurance Policy covers every student of the University. National Insurance Company which will provide a cover of Rs. 1,00,000/- for individual students. This covers cashless services in hospitals with consultation fee and diagnostic test as per the CGHS rates. There is also a provision for additional buffer of Rs. 1 Lakh should be there for students, who may require above and over Rs. 1 Lakh as per medical exigencies and based on the instruction of the University. Cashless admission and treatment are to be provided throughout the country inyour approved hospital/nursing home in every case with membership number/insurance card issued by the TPA. This will be mitigating the hardship of the student on emergency cash for treatment. The policy covers all diseases including Covid19 and its variants.In the case the insured obtains treatment from a non-network hospital, the actual expenses of hospitalization or the upper limit of sum insured amount to be reimbursed to the beneficiary/insured directly under this policy scheme within 30 days on receipt of bills. The Company extends services to more than 7000 hospitals across India.

This scheme is accommodated within the component of medical fee of the fee structure and not charged additionally to the students. Prof. Dr.V.C.Vivekanandan, Vice-Chancellor, HNLU has remarked " ThePandemic was a game changer on the prioritization of health issues especially for residential universities. HNLU is the first amongst National Law Universities to implement this apart from the tie up with BAlCO Medical Hospital for on-campus and off-campus medical facility for its students."

HNLU also hosts a multi-functional medical centre which serves as an out-Patient facility with male and female doctors visiting campus with a pre-fixed schedule. The University has also engaged this year the services of a professional lady psychologist for on campus and off campus consultation. The University also has an MoU with YourDOST, a premier online counselling service provider.

The University is also planning to have a basic pathological lab for minor tests in its medical centre. The University has two ambulances with dedicated drivers for service.

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