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U.S.A Based Org. Headed By Ben Schumaker Retaines Karan S. Thukral As Legal Counsel To Represent Afghan Nationals

20 May 2022 5:15 AM GMT
U.S.A Based Org. Headed By Ben Schumaker Retaines Karan S. Thukral As Legal Counsel To Represent Afghan Nationals

After a heart throbbing incursion of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Afghan nationals have been left at the mercy of god and are being subjected to innumerous wrongs. Those who were able to abscond the country, are now facing immense difficulties in terms of finding a place they can finally call a 'home'. Although various nations have come forth to help those who are severely affected and have lost their homes, it is mostly the civil society who is working on the front lines, helping the ones in need. "Memory Project" is one such renowned United States based NGO headed by Mr.Ben Schumaker which operates from Wisconsin, USA. The organization strives to sensitize people with the help of various art forms.

After Taliban took control over the Afghanistan, Mr. Schumaker and his team of co-workers began the relief work and helped people stuck across borders to reach a safer place. The relief work is still on-the-go and with an increasing number of people joining hands, Schumaker is doing every bit to protect the interests of stranded Afghan nationals. Even during times of disparity "Memory Project" has been successful in bringing children of United States and Afghanistan together with the help of art.

The organization has retained Mr.Karan S.Thukral's Law Office as a Legal Counsel to help obtain 'Emergency Visas' from the Government of India for Afghan families stranded in neighboring countries. With the combined efforts of Mr. Schumaker and Counsel Karan S.Thukral, this project is expected to provide a safer space for Afghan refugees and the families stranded in various parts of the world. "Between the distance and boundaries, when the Afghan refugees are trying their best to make the ends meet, people like Mr. Schumaker are the only hope they can rely upon." says Mr. Karan S.Thukral in praise of Schumaker.

Karan S.Thukral's expertise in immigration and citizenship matters, is assured to go a long way in protecting the rights of Asylum seekers. 'People who were once advocates of human rights and women empowerment are fleeing the country to protect their lives. It is time that we stand by and guard those who fought for the society against several wrongs.' added Karan S.Thukral.

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