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Office Of Karan S. Thukral Collaborates With The International Law Firm- S. Constantinou & Associates LLC

16 Jan 2023 9:02 AM GMT
Office Of Karan S. Thukral Collaborates With The International Law Firm- S. Constantinou & Associates LLC

Thukral Law Associates has lately entered into an 'Agreement of Co-operation' with S. Constantinou & Associates LLC in the capacity of its foreign counter-part. The agreement has been executed between the two law firms through their heads, Mr. Karan S. Thukral and Ms. Sofia Constantinou; aiming at providing efficient and cost-effective services to the pool of clients. Clients who are faced with problems pertaining to documentation, access to local services, cultural differences, etcetera in their native countries will now be only a click away and can easily avail the fruits of this collaboration.

SC Law is a contemporary entrepreneurial law firm in Cyprus, licensed to provide legal services by the Cyprus Bar Association. The law firm provides expertise and knowledge about the practice of Law in Cyprus as well as in overseas jurisdictions. It acts as a one-stop-shop providing a full range of services to all those who need legal support in respect to various areas of law or in multinational transactions. With this collaboration, the firm can now focus on delivering tailor-made assistance and solutions to its international clients, with a local touch.

With a glaring rate of globalization, more and more Indians are keen to internationalize their business ideas and reach masses. However, a cumbersome legal regime is what acts as a fictional pull to those looking our for opportunities across border. Karan S. Thukral and his team of associates, with this partnership aims to provide his clients with ease in international legal issues pertaining to the core areas of law such as real estate, litigation, family laws, inheritance, immigration and succession among others. The focus remains at helping clients take advantage of opportunities, protect their interests and safely meet their business and project goals.

The main focus of the cooperation is on delivering the best of legal services to international communities by utilizing the pool of expertise and diversified practice areas of the International Associates. Through such non-exclusive cooperation, both parties will gradually deepen their roots by ways of business communication, training, study and discussion and promote joint development.

The two firms have much more to cooperate in consideration of their common practice areas and clientele. This cooperation would not only facilitate the joint development of both firms by utilization of their respective advantages, but will also combine technical excellence in their work with a professional approach and the highest level of integrity.

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